Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Dalentarth Lorestones Locations

Find all the lorestones in Dalentarth continent of the Kingdom of Amalur.

Lorestones are pieces of knowledge related to the massive world of Amalur. This guide will help you find all the Kingdoms of Amalur Dalentarth Lorestones Locations.

Even if you are not interested in the extra knowledge stuff then these Lorestones are actually the collectibles that can earn you rewards in the form of upgrades. So yes, they can be useful and are worth spending some time on.

To reduce the labor however, we have the list of these Lorestones and their locations throughout Dalentarth in Kingdom of Amalur.

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Kingdom of Amalur Dalentarth Lorestones

Following are the Lorestones you can Dalentarth:


Dalentarth (Main) Lorestone Locations

Dalentarth Lorestone #1
The stone is hard to miss as it’s the tutorial one. You will find it in Allestar Glade just after the Tuatha battles.

Dalentarth Lorestone #2
You will find it in Odarath, head to the Red Legion Camp to eastern section of the flowing river.

Dalentarth Lorestone #3
Move through the entrance to Brunuath in Lorca-Rane. Head towards the trainer named Thorvald Ulfson. Instead of crossing the river, move along the rockwall till you get to the lorestone just before the bridge.

Dalentarth Lorestone #4
Look for the massive tree in the central section on the road (after you move north from the entrance of Caer Nyralim). You will find the Lorestone here.

Dalentarth Lorestone #5
When you enter the city of Ysa, head east from the entrance to Sidhe. You will spot a fountain and nearby a courtyard with shrines. You should look for the Lorestone in the courtyard section.

The castle will be accessible only when choose to complete House of Ballads quests. You will get to the castle during side quest The Hero and the Maid.

Windemere Lorestone #1
Easy to spot. You will find it after your conversation with the maid is over in the castle.

Windemere Lorestone #2
If you remember the room where you first met Sir Farrara (first Ballads Fae) then the Lorestone can be found in a small room to the southwest of the main chamber.

Windemere Lorestone #3
In the chamber where you first met Fae Queen and Lady Oleyn, head northeast and you will find the Lorestone in a room.

Windemere Lorestone #4
Get to the other side of the green pool in the castle (from Wencen) to find another Lorestone. You should be watchful of the sewers.

Windemere Lorestone #5
After The Hero and the Maid quest has been completed, you can search the complete room. Explore the northeast section to find a Lorestone.

Ettinmere Lorestone #1
When you are in Ettinmere, head east of Holnstead to find the lakeshore. The Lorestone is nearby.

Ettinmere Lorestone #2
The place where you first met Argath during the main story quest, to the west of bridge to Dellach. You should collect the Lorestone before you use the bridge.

Ettinmere Lorestone #3
From the entrance of Dellach, head north to find an Island where you will find the Lorestone. Clear the area and get your share.

Ettinmere Lorestone #4
While you are on Rallying Cry Mission, the lorestone can be found to the south of Merog’s position.

Ettimere Lorestone #5
In the southern section of Holnstead, you will find a series of jump down points. To the northeast, there is another drop point. The Lorestone is above the cliff there.

Glendara Lorestone #1
Look for the Shrine of Ynadon near the north pass in the region and then go southwest from there. You will find a jump down point, which is also the location of the Lorestone.

Glendara Lorestone #2
In Glendara, you should look for the town of Didenhil. To the west side of the town are two jump-down points and one of these have the Lorestone.

Glendara Lorestone #3
From the Didenhil’s prison entrance, head to the river side (northeast). You will spot the Lorestone on the river bank.

Glendara Lorestone #4
There is a jump point in the north section of Colisbain. You will find a road in the east section of this point that can lead you to the Lorestone.

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Glendara Lorestone #5
There is another series of Jump down points just beside the Ironhold. One of these drop points can get you the Lorestone.

It’s a dungeon you will explore when you start the start House of Ballads side quest.

Gorguath Lorestone #1
When you try to take out Thresh, head right from the first track and you will reach the Lorestone.

Gorguath Lorestone #2
You will find another Lorestone in the dungeons near the opening of the bright cave (southeastern track)

Gorguath Lorestone #3
While on your way to get the Regnell’s ring from the chamber (after defeating Thresh), you will find the Lorestone lying along the way.

Gorguath Lorestone #4
You require Hidden Level 4 to find the secret door leading to the Lorestone. The door is above the ring chamber in the dungeon.

Gorguath Lorestone #5
Get a Lorestone from the room lying in the northeast section of the ring chamber.

Haxhi Lorestone #1
In the south direction of Sunder Caverns, you will find the Ethene Shrine. Move along the road to the norhtwest and you will find the Lorestone along the way.

Haxhi Lorestone #2
Around Sunder Caverns again, there is a cliff overlooking the bridge across the ravine. You can find the Lorestone on the bridge.

Haxhi Lorestone #3
You need to start the main quest New friends Old Foes to find Haxhi Dam. Get to the dam and head southwest to find the Lorestone.

Haxhi Lorestone #4
You will be able to find a short bridge over the center ravine. The Lorestone is south to this bridge.

Haxhi Lorestone #5
After the entrance of Splitrock Depths, look for the Lorestone near the bridge leading back to the mainland.

Odarath Lorestone #1
Head to the Shrine of Thyrdon and then move northeast to find a jump-down point. You will spot the Lorestone in the southwest direction from this point.

Odarath Lorestone #2
From the shrine again, head towards the waterfall. You will find the Lorestone on the island.

Odarath Lorestone #3
You will find Altar of Belen east to the Gorhart. Straight ahead from this Shrine is the entrance to Agnur. Head right from here to find the Lorestone.

Odarath Lorestone #4
Near the House of Ballads, there is a shrine name Lyria. Head straight ahead from the shrine to find the Lorestone.

Odarath Lorestone #5
From East of Shrine of Lyria (near the house of Ballads) is a series of jump down points. You can find the Lorestone on the cliff in between the two points.

Summer’s End
Some of the Lorestones are in Dalentarth while rest will be in other region.

Summer’s End Lorestone #1
In Eastern Odarath, near the House of Ballads, you will find a path leading to the Windmere. There, you will find an entrance blocked by the some thrones. Look around here to find the Lorestone.

Summer’s End Lorestone #2
You can enter into the Windmere only when you have House of Ballads quest (Champions Faction Quest). Cross the bridge and head to the jump down point to the south. You will find the Lorestone to the west side of the island near the bridge.

Summer’s End Lorestone #3
As you enter the Summer’s end from Windemere (during Champion Faction quest). The Lorestone can be found on one of the two bridges crossing the river.

Summer’s End Lorestone #4
From the North Bell Tower, in the northwest direction, you will find a Lorestone in the ourskirt of the Fae town. Collect the stone before you destroy the crystals.

Summer’s End Lorestone #5
From the Chantry in Summer’s End, head east to find this Lorestone. It will be found almost at he outskirt of the map.

The Sidhe
The Sidhe Lorestone #1
You will spot a small island after the entrance to Ysa. There is a tree in there when you can also find a Lorestone.

The Sidhe Lorestone #2
To the east side of the entrance to Aodh, you will find a Lorestone near the river bank.

The Sidhe Lorestone #3
To the right of the entrance to Rundmair, head into the hollow space to find the Lorestone.

The Sidhe Lorestone #4
To the norhtwest direction of Aodh, there is a jump-down point where you can also spot a Lorestone.

The Sidhe Lorestone #5
Head North from Rundamir to find the two drop points. This is where you will also find a Lorestone.

Webwood Lorestone #1
Follow the mountain pass leading to Haxhi. You will find a Lorestone to the left-wing of the pass.

Webwood Lorestone #2
Exit the Canneroc town and head straight south till you reach a dead-end. You will find the Lorestone there.

Webwood Lorestone #3
From Shade River Caves, follow the northwest outskirt of the map and you will get to the location of the Lorestone.

Webwood Lorestone #4
You can find the Lorestone during the Grim Harvest quest. It’s just south from the Togh Farm.

Webwood Lorestone #5
Exit the Canneroc town through the west bridge. Move towards the river bank to locate the Lorestone.

Yolvan Lorestone #1
You will find the Lorestone at the entrance to Castle of Yolvan.

Yolvan Lorestone #2
You will find another Lorestone on the top of the first stairs after the entrance.

Yolvan Lorestone #3
Northeast to the exit of Webwood is another Lorestone waiting for you. Take the help from your map.

Yolvan Lorestone #4
Look for the Lorestone in the room in the north section of Yolvan.

Yolvan Lorestone #5
Just follow the marker on your map to find it.


Spring Lorestone #1
When you get to the river flowing through Odarath I right in the middle, this stone is right beside the shore.

Spring Lorestone #2
Go to the passage between Odarath and Webwood and you will find the lorestone there.

Spring Lorestone #3
Go to the northwest corner of Lorca-Rane and you will find this stone between the rocks.


Summer Lorestone #1
Find this stone after going to the place between the two locations in Odarath.

Summer Lorestone #2
Go to the northern edge of Webwood and find the recording left by the road.

Summer Lorestone #3
Go to Locra-Rane and then go east from Warden’s Bridge.


Fall Lorestone #1
You will find this stone inside a tunnel, at the end after you go straight from the first intersection.

Fall Lorestone #2
Go to the last big room and find the recording in the northern part of the room.

If you can’t find any lorestone, let us know in comments and we will try to help you out.

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