Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Saix Boss Guide

This guide will give essential tips and strategy to defeat Saix, one of the bosses you will encounter in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind

Saix is one of the bosses you will encounter in KH3 ReMind!. If you walk into the fight without knowing anything about Saix, you’ll have a pretty rough time. In this guide, we’ll give you all the info you need on Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Saix Boss, plus some tips and tricks to defeat him easily.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Saix Boss

The Ultima Weapon is an excellent Keyblade that has combo boosts, making for greater damage output. With Formchange, the guard becomes much stronger; and the finisher becomes much more powerful after Formchange.

The Kupo Coin is essential for this fight as it gives you a second life by regenerating Sora’s health to full once it reaches 0. You can purchase the Kupo Coin from the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town.

Be sure to take both the above-mentioned items with you before starting the KH3 ReMind Saix boss fight. The reward you get for beating Saix is the ‘Power Weight’. This item gives you a modest increase in your strength.

Before we jump into the boss fight strategy, it’s a good idea to learn about all of Saix’ moves first.

Normal Mode Moves

Lunge Combo Attack

A very basic move, in which Saix jumps towards the player and swipes with his axe. The move isn’t performed very fast at all so it is easy to dodge or counter.

Charged Axe Throw

With this move, Saix throws his spinning axe which follows Sora and makes a large explosion on contact with the ground. Evade this attack by moving left or right.

Spinning Attack

Sax rolls towards Sora and does three attacks. Block the attack and punish him as soon as he completes his combo.

Powered Ground Slam

Saix plunges his axe into the ground, creating lines of shockwaves which move straight ahead of it. This attack is a tricky one since he can do it up to three times in a row. Dodge this attack by quickly moving behind Saix or flanking.

Berserk Mode Moves

In this fight, Saix will eventually enter into his ‘Berserk’ mode. Once he enters this mode, he gets surrounded by duplicates of his axe; and most of his attacks gain the ability to generate shockwaves.

Multiple Charged Axes

Saix spawns a bunch of axes with this move, and throws a single axe. Subsequently, he throws the rest of the axes at once. This is another move of his which is performed relatively slowly, giving you adequate time to dodge or counter.

Ground Explosion

Saix throws a multitude of axes in different spots on the battlefield. These axes explode after one or two seconds, so move away from them quickly.

Teleporting Ground Slam

Saix teleports next to you and smashes the ground, creating numerous shockwaves. Move between the lines of shockwaves to dodge this attack.

Axe Storm

Saix keeps moving around the battlefield, striking the ground with his axe. Dodge this attack by flying up and waiting until it is finished.

Leap Attack

Saix jumps up in the air and slams down his charged axe into the ground which generates a shockwave.

Berserk Dance

Saix performs multiple axe strikes which create a shockwave moving along the battlefield.

Berserk Charged Axe Throw

A charged axe falls from the sky and creates a shockwave.

Boss Fight Strategy

One thing you must keep in mind during this fight is that Saix’ weapon throws and triple shockwaves attack cannot be blocked, only evaded. Now that you know that, let’s talk about the strategies you should play this Saix ReMind DLC boss fight with.

Watch Out for His Berserk Mode
As mentioned previously, Saix can enter a ‘Berserk’ mode which significantly increases his power, and makes him much more aggressive. Keep a look at the Berserk bar on the upper right corner of the screen to get ready when he’s about to go Berserk.

Once he goes Berserk, keep away from him using Glide and Air Slide. Try not to dodge or block.

Berserk Levels
Saix has two separate Berserk meters. One is yellow and the other is blue. Yellow is the basic Berserk mode which slowly restores itself after he goes Berserk. The blue Berserk meter fills up as Saix takes damage. On the flipside, if he takes damage while in Berserk mode, the meter actually goes down.

Exposed After Berserk Mode
Once Berserk mode ends, Saix becomes completely immobile, giving you a great opportunity to damage him. Land as many attacks as you possibly can in that time frame.

Prepare to Press X After Blocking The Swing Attack
If you manage to block his swing attack, you can perform a combo on him from his behind, by doing the QTE. Every time he performs this attack, prepare yourself to press the X button immediately after blocking.