Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind is a paid story DLC with extras that takes place both before and after the final...

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind is a paid story DLC with extras that takes place both before and after the final fight in the main campaign. In this guide, we will give you a detailed guide to one area of the DLC so read on for our complete Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough.

Majority of the DLC events take place in Scala ad Caelum which is a beautiful cityscape area. In this guide, we have listed all the events that take place in Scala ad Caelum. All weapons, equipment, abilities, items, enemies, and bosses found in the location are included in our guide.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Players can choose to play as either Sora or Kairi in Scala Ad Caelum. The area starts with players being tasked to defeat the glowing Heartless. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to level up Sora quite a bit and even unlock the Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades to help you.

As you arrive in town, you’ll meet some Heartless and Nobodies. Among all the Heartless, you’ll see one that is special, i.e. it radiates some light. Target the one that is radiating light, but you’ll probably need to clear the rest as well since there are plenty of them distracting you.

After defeating the special Heartless, you’ll see Kairi’s heart coming out and it will fly to the next area. The first fragment can be obtained by defeating the group of Heartless.

Now you have to explore Breezy Quarter. Pick up the map from the treasure chest to make things easy. In the town, more heartless and nobodies will spawn. You can defeat them or ignore them.

Fountain Heart Fragment
The next fragment can be obtained at the dried-up fountain in the city. To get tit, hit the structures on the side which will make the fountain spin and more water will pop out.

Hit until max is reached. Do the same for the other three spinners. Move quickly as the water will die down. You need to get all four up to the maximum at the same time.

Underground Heart Fragment
Another heart fragment has to be accessed from the bottom of the city. Look for this place where there’s water that leads into a tunnel. Enter the area and deal with the enemies. Keep going until you reach a gate. to open the gate, hit the wheel near it.

Inside, you’ll see one of the fragments. To open it, you need to destroy the top of the cell. In order to destroy the top, you need to jump from a high place. Look behind you and you’ll see a way to go up. Wall-run all the way to the top. There’s a small chest up here. Next, jump down to the cell.

Before landing, click on attack when the prompt comes up. The cell will be destroyed and you can get the heart fragment.

Puzzle Heart Fragment
To access this fragment, you will need to solve the puzzle by aligning the colored lights with their respective colored spots. Once all are in the correct spots, the fragment will appear for you.

Castle Fragment
For this fragment, follow Kairi who will be walking towards a certain area. It will be in the left corner of the castle area.

Defeat the Giant Heartless
Utilize link commands to easily defeat the Giant Heartless. After collecting the fragments, there’ll be more cutscenes.

Defeat the mysterious adversaries
Now a different storyline will begin. You will then be playing as Sora from the main story again. You will have Goofy and Donald with you. You will then face the mysterious adversaries. Defeating one of them will trigger a cutscene.

Defeat Replica Xehanorts
In this KH3 ReMind boss fight, you will be using a few characters to fight the Replicas. Just keep attacking the replicas until the “Finish” prompt comes up. Use it to end the character’s turn. After one character’s turn ends, it will switch to another one and fight will continue. After some time, you will now be able to control all of the characters at once in the fight.

You can either attack or defend. The replicas will surround you. Keep attacking first. Wait until you see the replicas coordinating a team attack.

When you see the sign (red light), use defend to create a barrier before they hit you. If you time it correctly, you will be able to create a blast attack.

King Mickey
During the fight, all of the members except King Mickey then gets absorbed into the keyholes. You now continue the fight as King Mickey. Move towards the giant keyhole countering the replicas as they attack you. Keep moving towards the Keyhole.

At the end, all of them will attack you at once. Just continue walking as Mickey defends. Sora appears in spirit form behind Mickey and they manage to get rid of the replica Xehanorts.

Link the keyholes with light
After Replica Xehanorts are done, you will now be using Sora again, Link the keyblades that are shining using the keyblade. Keep doing it until the keyhole bar at the top screen is filled.

Once it’s filled, use the finisher. Kairi’s heart fragments will then receive the light power from all the keyholes, and she comes back.

Defeat Armored Master Xehanort
For this fight, you can choose either Sora or Kairi. If you only intend to clear the ReMind scenarios as fast as possible, choose Sora for the battle against armored Master Xehanort. He will be significantly stronger than Kairi at this point in the game.

To defeat Armored Master Xehanort, attack continuously and leave no room for countering. Otherwise, Xehanort flies away quickly and it’s hard to start attacking him again. Once his health is low, he’ll start summoning meteors.

You have to avoid the meteors and at the same time focus on Xehanort. You won’t have a link command if you’re using Kairi which is hard, but you can utilize the team attack with Sora.

After the battle, there’ll be a couple of cutscenes showing peace in the game.

Obtainable Equipment and Rewards

  • Breezy Quarter Map: Chest near the save point next after arriving at the Breezy Quarter.
  • Wellspring Gem: Chest at the Breezy Quarter Sewer
  • Tarte au Fruit+: Chest at the Breezy Quarter Sewer
  • Additional Item Slot: Defeat Armored Master Xehanort

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