Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Master Xehanort Boss Guide

Another boss that you would have to fight in Kingdom Hearts 3 is Master Xehanort and in this guide, we...

Another boss that you would have to fight in Kingdom Hearts 3 is Master Xehanort and in this guide, we will discuss his attacks and how you can defeat Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Master Xehanort Boss.

Before we start, keep in mind to keep Ultima Weapon, Kupo Coin and Oblivion & Oathkeeper Keyblades with you while you fight him. Moving on we will discuss all the attacks first.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Master Xehanort Boss

Master Xenahort is hard to fight as he combines all the moves and abilities of his predecessor bosses and you have to dodge a lot. This is the strategy to follow while fighting Master Xehanort in ReMind DLC.

Master Xehanort will throw X blades at you during the first half of the battle which will cover a lot of the area of the battlefield in ice. If you guard against this attack it will make him vulnerable but you have to do so before he conjures ice and you can also counter-attack him afterward.

Light Beam attacks
In order to dodge this, you need to move sideways. An indication of this attack is the shining symbols. They are mostly summoned in the outer area of the battlefield.

Quadruple Beam Cannons
You can avoid these beams by running to the side and you wont get him. If you adjust the angle of your camera it would be much easier to dodge and after the attacks, it would be very wise to attack him as he would be vulnerable.

Spiked Projectiles
You can avoid these spiky projectiles by gliding. They spin towards you can even track towards you. If you block them, there is a chance that they can explode, so it is not a good idea to do so.

It’s a better idea to not guard but to dodge most of his attacks.

Abilities and Tips

These are the moves that Master Xehanort uses to cause damage throughout the KH3 ReMind boss fight:

Ice Bomb
This ball of ice is thrown at you and it explodes upon contact and freezes whatever it touches.

Laser Web Attack
Two objects are summoned and lasers are fires from them all over the battlefield and this makes a web of lasers.

Lightning Prison
In this move all the exit points are blocked and your movements are restricted and after that you are hit with a laser attack.

Pillars of Light
Circular moving pillars of light are summoned by Xehanort that can damage you a lot so it would be wise to not rush in during this.

Master Xehanort transforms the battlefield, then summons pillars of light that move in a circular manner, damaging those that get caught in its path.

Stay away from the middle and wait for the attack to finish as rushing in during this attack can be very dangerous.

Spiked Sphere Of Light
This is a spiked ball made of light that will track the player.

Teleporting Laser Cannons
Master Xehanort will summon several laser cannons simultaneously. They will be violet in color and you can avoid them by dodging when you see the cannon.

Shadow Clone Attack
This is like Sophia’s Mirage attack in which Xehanort will make multiple copies of himself and attack the player with all of them.

Teleporting Whip Attack
He uses a portal and a whip, jumps out of the portal and attacks you with the whip

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