How To Get A Red Lightsaber In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Red Lightsaber is available in the New Game Plus, which means you must beat the game once before trying to ...

Different colored lightsabers have been a staple of the Star Wars franchise. While Jedi have typically used a multitude of colors like blue, green, orange and even purple (for Mace Windu) the red color of a lightsaber is reserved for the Sith. Luckily, Star Wars Jedi Survivor lets you use a red lightsaber all while being the good guy.

So if you are interested in customizing your lightsaber to be evil, perhaps like Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber, then we can help you get your hands on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor red lightsaber.

How to unlock Star Wars Jedi: Survivor red lightsaber

You get Red Lightsaber when a Sith steals a pure Crystal from a Jedi and inflicts all his hatred into the crystal. Eventually, the normal crystal starts “bleeding” red, containing the evil type of powers within. The newly formed crystal is then used in a normal (blue) lightsaber, making the saber red too. However, Jedi Survivor doesn’t dive this deep into the Star Wars lore and allows players to freely switch between lightsaber colors at workbenches.

Players can choose eleven colors for their lightsabers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. While nine of them are available right away after starting the gameplay, the remaining two are available in the New Game Plus. (The red and the rainbow colors)

We wish we could tell you some shortcut or other method for equipping the Red Lightsaber, but regrettably, there is none.

Unlocking the red Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor does not require completing a specific mission or game chapter. You can access it as soon as you complete the storyline and defeat the final boss. In short, it requires completing all missions in the storyline instead of just a specific one.

Hence, it is time to:

  • Restart the Jedi Survivor with the NG+ option
  • Continue through the storyline until you clear the Coruscant area and reach Mantis.

Once you are back aboard the Mantis, you will have access to the workbench on the ship. Simply interact with the workbench and you should have the party lightsaber and red lightsaber colors available to choose. It is time to embrace the dark side’s power in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and unleash that wrath within yourself!

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