How To Open Red Chests In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Chests contain useful treasures in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and to open red chests you need to do some extra work.

Throughout the course of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you will have the option to pick up numerous collectibles on every planet. Some of these collectibles are out in the open while others are housed within chests of different colors. While Cal can open most of these chests from the start, the red chests in Jedi Survivor require something extra to open up.

If you have run into one of these Star Wars Jedi Survivor red chests and can’t seem to open it, let us help you figure it out.

How to unlock red chests in Jedi Survivor

Initially, you will be able to open up blue chests without any extra effort. However, for red chests you need to unlock a very specific upgrade for BD-1. This upgrade is the Electro Dart upgrade after which you can unlock red chests all over Koboh and Shattered Moon.

Electro Dart Ability is unlocked in the Locate Brother Armias mission that you get on Jedha. Simply progressing with the main story will get you this ability. However, there is a way to unlock Electro Dart ability early on in the game.

The opportunity to unlock Electro Dart early presents itself in the mission Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk, the mission you get when you return to Koboh for the third time.

As you are playing through the mission, you should head to the Fogged Expanse instead of following on to the main mission objective. Follow the path leading across the Mountain Ascent to get to the Fogged Expanse.

In the Fogged Expanse, players can search around and find a crashed imperial ship. Of course, the ship is surrounded by a lot of enemies that you need to defeat before you can access the wreckage.

Inside the wreckage of the imperial ship, you get a cutscene when you interact with the main console, where BD-1 gets its upgrade and unlocks the Electro Dart Ability. The ability allows BD-1 to shoot darts at exposed circuits to power them up and allows Cal to use and activate them.

These darts can be used to power up the red chests that you encounter in the game. Shoot the red light coming from the chest and that will activate the red chest, allowing Cal to open them and loot the treasures inside.

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