Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Crypt Of Uhrma Puzzle Solution

The Crypt of Uhrma puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor requires pulling out specific stone pillars and we will tell you which ones.

During your visit to Jedha in the main story of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, while you are searching for Brother Armias you might have run into a stone door inside a crypt. This door for Crypt of Uhrma has multiple stone pillars embedded in it. Trying to figure out how to open the door can be quite confusing. We have prepared this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma puzzle solution that will explain which pillars can unlock the Brother Armias door.

Where to find Crypt of Uhrma

While going for the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, you will come across the Crypt of Uhrma just a few steps ahead of Blustery Mesa in Jedha. While this visitation will be part of the main story, you can always come here at another time once you know the location of the Crypt.

Check the map below to get an idea of where the Crypt of Uhrma stone door puzzle is located

How to solve Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma door puzzle

From the Blustery Mesa, go right inside the cave-like structures following the only path available. There is a wall with eight blocks engraved inside it. These blocks are divided into two parts, making two rows of 4 blocks each. The only task this puzzle requires is to arrange the blocks in the right way. These blocks are flexible and can be moved out of the wall by using the Force-Pull ability.

For your understanding, let us name the blocks such that the upper row leftmost block is 1, and the bottom row rightmost block is 8. To solve the puzzle you need to Force Pull the correct numbered blocks.

The solution to the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle in Jedi Survivor is to Force-Pull the 1st and 4th blocks in the first row, and the 2nd, and 3rd blocks in the second row. If you mess up you can always push the pillars back in with the Force-Push ability.

That is it; we have finally solved the Puzzle.  The wall will tear open, allowing you to move ahead. From the next area, you will receive a Stim Canister for your friendly droid BD-1 and Force Echo.

Moreover, from the tunnel ahead, you will reach the area where Skoova will be busy fishing. He is a nice guy who not only does fishing for you but also entertains by telling stories. Interacting with him gets you a Fantailed Laa Fish.

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