Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Fortitude Location And Puzzle Solution

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Fortitude is one of the chambers with a task and puzzles to solve. In this Jedi Chamber, your main task ...

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Fortitude is one of the chambers with a task and puzzles. In this Jedi Chamber, your main task is finding the doorway. Once you enter the door, a puzzle solution is an easy task. To complete this mission, you must utilize the Force Lift Ability to your advantage. Follow this guide to learn how to enter the chamber and make your journey easier.

How to locate the Corroded Silo Jedi Chamber

To get to the Chamber entrance in Jedi Survivor, you must get to the Corroded Silo. So, your first task is to gain access to the entrance of Corroded Silo. You must pinpoint the Southern Reach Meditation Point on your map as your beginning location. A map is provided below:

Players need to get to the highest point of Silo. There they must combat with droids, and force Lift Ability is brought into play after killing them. This will help the players to get the required metal hatch. These hatches need to be opened and then get down in the Silo.

Some strategies that can help complete the task quickly include using the Nekko mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which enables you to perform a double/triple power jump.

First, to get to the doorway of the Chamber of Fortitude, perform a double jump from the fringe of the platform. On the right corner lies the Chamber of Fortitude.

At the corner of the metal platform, there is a zipper line. This helps them to get to the other side. There starts another platform. Now players must stay active and cautious so The Bedlam Raider doesn’t spot them.


Where to find Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Fortitude

While moving on the right turn of the road, the player will be surprisingly attacked by the Shiverpede. Go down the elevator. There will be combat with the opponent NPCs down there. After killing all the enemies, unlock the doors to the external world. Again, bring the Force Lift ability into action and lift the hook and the wall.

After this, run on the wall and perform a double jump to land on the platform. After hoping to the opposite side again, the player will finally reach the entrance of the Chamber of Fortitude. A map is provided to you below for your aid:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Fortitude walkthrough

Now it’s time to get the prize. You will achieve this after combatting with Anoth Estra in the first round room of the chamber. You will reach this place by taking the elevator down. After moving through another door in the chamber just on the other side of the first one, the players will succeed in unlocking the Persistence Perk reward. With this, your trial of the Chamber of Fortitude ends.

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