Delidding The Intel Kaby Lake 7700K Makes A Huge Difference In Temps

we saw that the Intel Kaby Lake 7700K was not worth the upgrade but here is something new about the CPU that you need to see.

Previously, we saw that the Intel Kaby Lake 7700K was not worth the upgrade because while it did provide minor improvements over the previous generation CPUs, the temperatures were off the charts and cooling it would have been a huge cost on its own. It seems that delidding the CPU bring a big change in the temperature as we are going to see here.

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Intel Kaby Lake 7700K

Cooling the Intel Kaby Lake 7700K with the Thermalright 6 cooler it was seen that the CPU hit 60C under load which is not bad but things get hotter when you overclock this CPU. When the 7700K was pushed to 5GHz the temperature climbed to a dangerous 96C. But even at this temperature, the CPU was stable.

Intel Kaby Lake 7700K

Intel Kaby Lake 7700K Delidded

The Intel Kaby Lake 7700K was then delidded and CoolLaboratory Liquid Ultra thermal paste was applied. Paired with the Kraken X62 cooler it was overclocked to 5 GHz yet again. Overall there was a 30C reduction in temperature and the CPU ran 26C cooler than what we saw before.

Intel Kaby Lake 7700K

Before the delidding process, we saw that the Intel Kaby Lake 7700K would hit 96C. But after the process, we saw that the CPU ran at 66C. This is a lot of improvement.

It is nice to see that there are enthusiasts around the world that are willing to put in the effort of doing these kinds of tests so that others can benefit from them as well. What do you think about te Intel Kaby Lake 7700K?

AMD has also demoed their new Ryzen chip and it will be coming out in the first quarter of 2017. We saw that it has a lot to offer and although we do not know the price yet it could be great value for money if the price is right.

What do you think about te Intel Kaby Lake 7700K?

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