The AMD Ryzen CPU Hits The Right Marks, Just Needs Right Price

The AMD Ryzen CPU was demoed recently and what a demo it was. AMD showed that the upcoming AMD Ryzen CPU could take on the overclocked 6900k unlocked CPU. When it comes to gaming not only was the AMD Ryzen CPU able to compete with the Intel CPU but it was able to perform better in some parts of Battlefield 1. Not only that but we also saw that it could live stream DOTA2 without compromising on the quality of the game or losing FPS.

Intel has been in the CPU business for a long time and has been unchallenged for the major part. Intel claimed that the AMD Ryzen CPU would not be a problem and that it would only be a minor disruption but it is possible that Intel will have to eat their own words at the end of the day. We saw that the AMD Ryzen CPU has the same specs as the Intel 6900K and with the new technology that AMD has introduced it goes one step ahead of Intel’s offering.

We know now that the AMD Ryzen is a great product and has a lot of potential but AMD did not tell us the boost clock or the price point at which this CPU will be available. We know that the engineers are still tweaking the CPUs to get the most out of the chip and that could be why there was nothing about the boost clock.

When it comes to pricing we know that the Intel CPU costs more than $1100. AMD will be pricing the Ryzen chip competitively in order to beat the competition and bring it to its knees.

AMD could price the Ryzen chip at $500 and that would decimate Intel entirely as this is one of the best products that we have seen this decade. But a lot of money and engineering has gone into making this chip and all the featured tech so it is unlikely that $500 would be the price point for the chip.

The chip could be priced at $800 which would still be very competitive and Intel would be forced to bring down prices. AMD has been in favor of the gamers ever since the company was launched and I do not think that this will change. Dr. Lisa Su stressed on the gaming performance of both AMD Ryzen CPU as well as Vega.

$800 is still great value for money considering what the AMD Ryzen CPU is capable of. What do you think the price point will be for this upcoming CPU?

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