InsideXbox Games Might Have Been Leaked Prior To Event

Microsoft has already said that they were going to be announcing a variety of games for the Xbox Series X at some point in the near future, and it seems that we’ve gotten a leaked list of InsideXbox games. However, we have no idea how accurate the list is right now.

The game list includes the following games:

* Anthem Redux
* A new Batman game
* Cyberpunk 2077
* Dying Light 2
* Diablo 4
* Dead Island 2
* Elden Ring
* Harry Potter RPG
* Observer: System Redux
* Overwatch 2
* Resident Evil 8
* Skull and Bones
* Starfield
* Twin Mirror
* Tales of Arise
* Vampire the Masquerade 2.

While some of these games have been announced at past events such as E3, BlizzCon, or some other event, there are also a number here that haven’t, such as Anthem Redux, the Batman game, and the Harry Potter RPG, so this list should be taken with a grain of salt.

For instance, though we’ve seen a lot of information about a supposed new Batman game hinting at the Court of Owls, there’s no specific confirmation, though Warner Bros Montreal may take this event as an opportunity to actually fully announce the game.

A Harry Potter RPG, though getting some leaked footage a while ago, has also had nothing said about it, so the InsideXbox games list might either have a few surprises for us or be missing a few games from this supposed list.


However these games are brought up though, having them be showcased with the Xbox Series X’s next-gen visuals and greater powerful will hopefully be able to attract a large number of people that were pulled to the Playstation 4’s side last generation by that console’s own power.

Either way, the InsideXbox games that we’ll see will hopefully be able to give a good showing of Xbox’s newest console. The event will be held tomorrow and will last for an hour, so check your local times and places where you can stream it.

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