Avalanche Software’s Harry Potter RPG Still In The Works, Rumors Suggest

Recent rumors suggest that Avalanche Software's Harry Potter RPG is still in development and could be announced with the new Batman game.

Recent rumors suggest that Avalanche Software’s Harry Potter RPG is still in development. This unannounced Harry Potter project was said to be in development at Avalance Software but we didn’t hear anything of it until now.

A Reddit post compiled a list of rumors and leaks supporting the existence of a Harry Potter RPG. The post shows footage of the game that was leaked last year. Following that, nothing was heard of the project.

According to a DM on Twitter named Jason Schreier, the game is still being developed at Avalanche Studios. However, the release date of the game is supposedly still a ways off. A confirmation from a DM doesn’t really insinuate anything substantial. However, more developments occurred in the last few days.

Avalanche Studios recently put up a job listing for a “soon to be announced AAA title”. As far as the job listing goes, there is no evidence to suggest that it for the unannounced Harry Potter RPG. But the rumors don’t stop there.

A known leaker, Shinboi602, shared his two cents about the recent job listing by Avalanche Studios. A user stated that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would not release two games in the same year. To that, the leaker replied, “Are you sure?”. The response from said leaker does indicate that he knows something we don’t.

Following that, the aforementioned DM recently jumped into a discussion relating to Avalanche Software’s Harry Potter RPG. Another user expressed his doubts about WB putting out two games in one year. Schreier replied: “If only there were a venue in which multiple games could be announced at the same time!”

A venue big enough to announce multiple games, immediately, E3 2020 comes to mind. With regards to multiple games, the leaker is suggesting that WB may announce the new Batman game alongside Avalanche Software’s Harry Potter RPG.

The rumor mill doesn’t stop here. Troy Leavitt, Avalanche Software’s lead designer supposedly confirms that the new Harry Potter title will be announced “soon”.

Let us remind you that these are all just rumors and nothing has been officially announced yet. The gist of these whispers is that WB will announce the Harry Potter RPG with the new Arkham game later this year.

We do have some unofficial information about the new Batman game. Rumors indicated that the game will have a bigger open world than the previous games. The upcoming Batman game will supposedly be a complete reboot of the franchise.

At this point, we are relying on rumors for our information on the new Batman game and the unannounced Harry Potter RPG. Hopefully, we get some official announcements soon regarding these titles.