Artwork of Batman Court of Owls Game Have Appeared, Reveal Soon?

It’s been years since we got the last Batman game and since then we have been waiting patiently to know if there’s a new one coming anytime soon. Our prayers might have been just answered as it now looks like Warner Bros Montreal is working on a new Batman Court of Owls game. It now looks even more possible as some rumored Batman Court of Owls artwork has appeared.

This rumored to be the artwork of Batman Court of Owls game comes from ArtStation. These artworks of Batman Court of Owls game was posted by an artist Eddie Mendoza. According to him, it was all for fun and nothing serious but there’s a twist. Eddie Mendoza currently works fulltime for Apple but in the past, he has worked for big gaming companies like Epic Games, Firaxis, EA DICE and more. But the most interesting hint is that he has worked for Warner Bros in the past which tells us this might be something for them.

Eddie Mendoza recently posted three beautiful pieces of Batman artwork on his page. These artworks show us Batman fighting thugs from Court of Owls. Afterward, Eddie claimed that it was all for fun and not at all related to WB Montreal or RockSteady. To make it all furthermore interesting, the artist removed all three pieces of Batman Court of Owls art from his profile. This was done after several people reported it. This tells us that these artworks were not meant for the public yet. We don’t see any other reason for taking these down. And obviously when it was all nothing but fun.


Well, this all lines up perfectly with the recent rumors of Batman Court of Owls game. This upcoming Batman game is also expected to be a sequel of Batman Arkham. This information about Batman Arkham sequel came from the senior game designer at Warner Bros, Osama Dorias. He said in the past that Warner Bros. Montréal is working on an open world DC game. It’s a “major DC property”. This “major DC property” is the sole reason why he has joined Warner Bros.

Batman Court of Owls game was also hinted to be in works from an employee on Twitter. If this all turns out to be true, we could be closer to the reveal of the game sometime in 2019.

In other news, WB is also rumored to be working on a Wonder Women game alongside Batman. WB Montreal was rumored to be working on a Superman game from a very long time but it never happened. Many people were left disappointed but it looks like WB has some big games up its sleeves for us. This rumor about a Wonder Woman game comes from ResetEra. According to it, the title is called “Project Diana” and it’s been in development since 2017.

Another one from 4Chan forums tells us that WB Montreal is developing a Wonder Women game title called “Wonder Woman: Circle of Light”. This “Wonder Woman: Circle of Light” involves Diana trying to fight and stop Circe and Hades from “breaking the Source Wall and rewriting history”.


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