Influencers Aren’t Happy With Black Ops 4 Beta, “Worst COD”

There has been a lot of hype for Black Ops 4 but after everyone got their hands on the Black Ops 4 beta, it seems that people are not happy with what Treyarch is offering this year. Many Call Of Duty influencers on Youtube have shared their reviews and they are not recommending Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

We have gathered all the reviews of the game below probably from your favorite YouTubers and we are going to discuss the most annoying and common issues of the game.

The game does include some new things but it clearly influenced by the likes of Overwatch, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Infinite Warfare.

New changes to the game have also made the gunfights hard and unusual for Call Of Duty players.

Health has been increased in Black Ops 4 which makes it impossible to survive 1v2 encounters.  You have to use almost all of your ammo to put an enemy down. It’s really hard to get a double or triple kill in the game due to the increased health.

Add Body Armor on top this you have no chance against multiple enemies.

As for the maps, they seem to be designed for Infinite Warfare and nothing looks brand new to be very honest. The graphics of the game are also similar to older games and they don’t look improved at all. There’s hardly any good thing about the beta as it fails to meet expectations.

There’s a lot Treyarch could have done this year, especially after scrapping the single-player story mode; using its resources to create what we have right now.

People have taken to Youtube to share their reviews of the game which will also help you decide whether you should buy Black Ops 4 or not.

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Do let us know how you feel about the new changes to Call of Duty franchise?

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