It’s a “Tremendous Advantage” Not to Have a Campaign in Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer mode had all the resrouces it needed. According to Treyarch, single mode held them back.

Activision claims that not having a single player mode in Black Ops 4 is a “tremendous advantage.” According to the game designer, Matt Scronce, dropping the story mode allowed developers to route all of their resources to create a genre-defining multiplayer experience.

However, streamers and influencers seem to think otherwise. The games multiplayer mode is seeing criticism from some of the biggest names on YouTube and Twitch. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 developers ditched the story mode to accommodate for Blackout, a battle royale mode.

In a recent report published by Segmentnext, we were able to confirm from sources how Blackout came to be. Activision scrapped the single player mode in early 2018 to dedicate resources to Blackout. There have been rumors of the game being in development hell for the better part of its development cycle.

Still, Treyarch and Activision think Black Ops 4 not having a single player mode allows them to have an advantage over others. Dedicating so many resources to multiplayer and still coming up short at launch is going to sting a little.

Call of Duty 2018 is releasing later this year and is currently in beta. There is going to be another beta held in September for Blackout mode. Players will be able to test the new mode for the very first time and give their feedback. Treyarch is looking into issues faced by the community so feedback is crucial.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode is an accumulation of classic COD maps and characters. Blackout will use classic maps and characters to create a “unique” experience for the Call of Duty community. Analysts believe Blackout is going to be a Fortnite and PUBG killer. However, we need to see how EA DICE does with Battlefield V battle royale mode before we make such a claim.

EA DICE is working on its own take of Battle Royale, according to announcements made at E3 earlier this year. There are hardly any details available but hopefully, the mode will be ready at launch.

Have you tried the beta? Do you think Black Ops 4 multiplayer is unique enough to justify the lack of single player mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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