Black Ops 4 Beta Fails To Meet Expectations On Opening Weekend

The much anticipated Call OF Duty Black Ops 4 Beta has failed to impress its followers as many issue have been brought to Treyarch's attention.

Earlier this weekend the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta was launched but the people are not pleased with its performance. The Black Ops 4 Beta came out for PS4 exclusively as the PC and Xbox versions are due in the coming weekend. Overall, the Black Ops 4 beta was not able to do what was expected from it. Now the developers, Treyarch are committed to fixing any issues before the full-game rolls out.

Call of Duty games have never been shy of dealing with criticism and there have always been some downers about every installment. However, the problems of the BO4 beta have been faced confronted on a broader scale. In the limited time available to access the multiplayer beta, the number of complaints was moderately high.

In comparison with the previous installments, the Black Ops 4 beta version has turned out as pretty ordinary if we look at the anticipation that had been built for the game. Another issue must be kept in mind is that the developers have removed the Campaign mode from this Call of Duty game. Considering this deduction Treyarch had more to focus on the Multiplayer mode for the beta but still couldn’t perform up to the mark.

Rather than putting extra work into Multiplayer, basic issues have surfaced for instance the recurrent hitching and loading times taking forever. Moreover, there isn’t a distinguishable difference in graphics from the prior title.

Another element which needs to be specially highlighted in the Body Armour which has made the killing a time taking process. This issue has annoyed the gaming community so much that a Reddit post to remove the body armor has been backed with over 1200 upvotes. Similarly, the specialist perks have been condemned too as users think this devalues the competitiveness of the Call of Duty essence.

All in all, Treyarch is listening to the concerns and they’re dedicated to resolving the issue ASAP. Updates will be out soon.

Meanwhile, if you have downloaded and installed the beta and started to regret it. Don’t delete it just yet as it can later be changed into the much called for Blackout mode without sizable downloads.

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