Infinite Warfare Zombies Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps Guide

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing the elaborative Easter Egg with our step-by-step guide.

Like earlier iterations of Zombies Mode in Call of Duty, there is an elaborative Easter Egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. Completing the Easter Egg involves multiple steps e.g. turning on the power, locating Pack-a-Punch, etc. Please do note that this Attack of the Radioactive Easter Egg Guide is currently a work in progress.

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Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps Guide

In our Infinite Warfare Zombies Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the elaborative Easter Egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing.

Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps

Turning on the Power

The first thing that you need to do is to turn on the power. In order to do so, you need to find the Power Box on the hill near the Diner and the lever found on a zombie half-buried in the sand on the opposite side of the Spawn Area. With both the items at your disposal, head over to the Power Station and hit the Power Switch inside. For more details, you can check out our detailed guide attached above.

Finding the Pack-a-Punch Machine

In order to find the Pack-a-Punch Machine, you need to speak to Elvira in the TV Studio and find a couple of items:

  • Spell Book: Found inside a Safe near Skullhop Machine; Requires Power Activation
  • Meat Cleaver: Acquired from the Marketplace Store, Counter’s Backside
  • Acid Vial: Use Meat Cleaver to Fill the Acid Vial Completely

You must give the Spell Book to Elvira in order to acquire the Acid Vial from her. After filling the Acid Vial completely, return it to Elvira and let her follow her to one of the two possible Teleport Orbs. The TO can either be found in Trailer Park or on the backside of the building with Skullhop.

Step #3 – Opening the Safe

The first thing that you need to acquire is the Crowbar. It’s located near the pool, inside a room next to Bombstoppers machine. Once you’ve acquired the Crowbar, head to the Marketplace Store and find a brown desk inside an office. What you need to do is to crouch and note down a four-digit number written underneath the desk.

After noting down the four-digit number, it’s time to move to the next step. Scattered all around the map are four pressure valves. What you basically need to do is to hit these pressure valves one by one with your Crowbar. However, you must not hit the pressure valves randomly. There’s an important thing to keep in mind here.

First of all, let us assume that the four-digit number that you noted down earlier is 2345 – do note that this is an example and the number in the game is completely random. After noting down the number, you need to find the first pressure valve and hit it with the Crowbar once to set off the needle and hit it again once the needle reaches 2 because it’s the first digit in our four-digit code.

Once done, find the second pressure valve and stop the needle at 3. In the following section, I’ve listed all the locations for all the pressure valves found on the map:

  • Pressure Valve #1 – Right Next to Quickies
  • Pressure Valve #2 – Right Next to BlueBolts
  • Pressure Valve #3 – Right Across the Marketplace Store
  • Pressure Valve #4 – Inside the Room Next to BombStoppers

Once you’re done, head inside the office from where you acquired the Crowbar earlier and pick up a receipt inside an open safe. You need to note down the number of a sheet of paper for later usage.

Step #4 – Building a Zombie

In order to build a zombie, you’ll need to find a lot of pieces. In this section of the guide, I’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all the pieces.

You need to head over to the Pack-a-Punch area and hit the button on the wall. It should teleport you inside an RV with the item inside.

After acquiring the Crowbar – read above to know how to – repair and activate the Deep Freeze Trap. Once done, melee the Pig in front of the Torso and it will allow you to pick it up.

Left Arm
It’s located inside the Firepit in the RV Park.

Right Arm
After building the Seismic Wave Generator, head over to the Beach and place the SWG near the arm sticking out of sand in order to acquire it.

Left Leg
After acquiring the Cleaver, find and kill a Radioactive Zombie – causing it to drop the leg.

Right Leg
You need to head to the backside of the TV Studio and find the leg stuck in a tree. Simply throw a grenade at it in order to acquire it.

Glass Shard
While inside the RV Park, head inside the restroom and use your Crowbar to hit the mirror in order to acquire it.

Car Mirror
After acquiring the Crowbar, head to the white car right in front of the Gas Station and hit the side mirror in order to acquire it.

Hand Mirror
First, summon Elvira and while she is away from her seat, obtain her Hand Mirror from her place.

With everything at your disposal, build the Zombie Body in Spawn. In order to do so, place all the zombie parts on the hospital bed, place the Glass Shard on the table on the left side, place the mirror on the wooden crates, and place the other mirror on green/orange boxes. Once done, interact with the typewriter near the wooden crates.

Step #5 – Acquiring the Key

After the previous step, interact with the typewriter again to type in ‘35648’ in any order. Do note that this step is hit or miss. The numbers can be in any order e.g they can be either 84356 or 56348 – or any other number as long as it involves these 5 digits. So keep on messing around until you get the number right.

Getting the number right will allow you to bring the zombie to life. Once done, head back to the typewriter and enter your number backward. For instance, if your number was 56348, you need to enter 84365. This will allow you to kill the zombie and acquire a key.

Step #6 – Finding Nuke Parts

In order to find parts to put on the nuke, head to these locations.

  • Part #1 – Behind the Gate outside Elvira’s TV Studio
  • Part #2 – At the End of the Stream underneath the Bridge
  • Part #3 – Under a Red Cat between the TV Studio and the Motel

Step #7 – Finding the Symbols

You need to head over to the Gas Station and activate the right-hand side Garage door. The door will allow you to access the Chemical Station. Once done, you’ll need to find what your ‘m’-looking symbol’s number is. In order to do so, head inside the Motel’s office and check above the radio.

After that, find out what your ‘O’-looking symbol’s number is. When in normal color, the symbols will have a ‘=’ sign. What you basically need to do is to change the color of the map by heading to Elvira’s studio and using the machine there. After changing the color, revisit the symbols all around the map and see which ones have an inequality sign after changing the color. The symbol that retains the ‘=’ sign after changing the color is your number.

As for the symbols, they are located in these locations:

  • Under the Bridge
  • On the Fridge in the RV
  • On the Gas Station Door
  • Right Next to the Fridge in the Backside of the Beachside Market

Once done, multiply your ‘o’ and ‘m’ numbers and set the color to what Elvira’s TV says. For instance, if your numbers are 10 and 12, your number is 120. Also, remember to change the map color to whatever Elvira’s TV says and stick to that color for now.

Step #8 – Listening to the Radios

First, you need to acquire batteries from the zombie item drops and insert them in radios found at the Power Station and inside the Motel Office. Once done, listen to both the radios as one of them will contain Dr. Bright explaining which chemicals will work with the Nuke. He will tell you about the ones that he knows will be able to destroy the Radioactive Thing.

After that, you must concoct the chemical that Dr. Bright told you will destroy the Radioactive Thing. Below you’ll find a complete list of formulas that you’ll need.

  • Glycerol = Fat + Vodka
  • Acetaldehyde = Pennies + Vodka
  • Formaldehyde = Quarters + Racing Fuel
  • Hexamine = Glass Cleaner + Formaldehyde
  • Phenolsulfonic Acid = Phenol + Drain Opener
  • Mixed Acid = Detergent + Drain Opener + Ice
  • Phenol = Motor Oil + Wheel Cleaner + Repellent
  • Nitrated Glycerol Solution = Glycerol + Mixed Acid
  • Methylbenzene = Paint + Detergent + Drain Opener
  • 3-Methyl-2, 4-di-Nitrobenzene = Dinitro + Racing Fuel
  • 1, 3, 5 Tera-Nitra-Phenol = Phenolsulfonic Acid + Detergent
  • Aldehyde Sludge = Acetaldehyde + Formaldehyde + Detergent
  • Dinitro = Methylbenzene + Baking Soda + Vinegar + Detergent
  • 3, 4-di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane = Aldehyde Sludge + Nail Polish Remover
  • Octa-Hydro-2,5-Nitro-3,4,7-Para-Zokine = Vinegar + PFood + Detergent + Hexamine

After putting down the proper ingredients, you’ll also be required to put a number. This number is found by adding all the top and left number of each ingredient’s chemical diamond and subtracting whatever your ‘o’ symbol was.

For instance, it requires Quarters and Racing Fuel to create Formaldehyde. You search the map for chalkboards that contain Quarters and Racing Fuel. Since Quarters has 6/2 as the top/left number and Racing Fuel has 3/4 as numbers, you add them to get 15 and subtract ‘o’ symbol number to get your number. You basically need to input the number 11 into the machine inside the Gas Station to complete the chemical reaction.

Do note that the numbers on the diamonds change in different color settings that is why I recommend sticking to one color setting. As for the chalkboards, they are located in these locations:

  • Inside the RV Park
  • Inside the Gas Station
  • On the Bench near the Water
  • Backside of the Beachside Market
  • Next to Bang Bangs outside the TV Studio
  • Next to the Insect Repellent in the Spawn Area

Step #9 – Creating the Nuke

After creating the super formula, put the parts onto the Nuke and add the super formula to it. After the fight, ensure that all the players interact with the Nuke simultaneously and wait for it charge before interacting with it again. This should allow you to teleport into the boss arena.

Once there, push the Nuke down from the stream towards the water’s edge. As soon as it hits the edge, the Nuke will get into the Radioactive Thing.

Step #10 – Final Boss Battle

After the previous step, make sure to avoid attacks launched by the Radioactive Thing and use the Death Lasers in order to destroy its core. Don’t cease to stop firing even after the core opens up. After enough damage, the Radioactive Thing will stop attacking you.

At this point, you need to interact with the Nuke that will cause the Radioactive Thing to direct Crogs towards you. Head up the beach towards the bridge and defend until the radiations catch up to you. Make sure to avoid the lasers and reach the Nuke at the edge. Interact with the Nuke to get teleported inside the belly of the Radioactive Thing and input the code that you acquired earlier from the safe.

Successfully completing the sequence will allow you to complete the Easter Egg.

This is currently all we’ve in our Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies Attack of the Radioactive Thing Easter Egg Steps Guide. If you’ve anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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