How to Farm the Purple Exotic Currency in Icarus

Finding the Purple Exotic Currency can be a little hard when playing Icarus. In this guide, we’ll look at how you farm the rare Purple Exotic currency in Icarus, the missions involved and tips to get it quickly. So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Farm the Purple Exotic Currency in Icarus

In Icarus, you can farm Purple Exotic Currency through the Orbital Workshop that’s available during the Deep Vein Extraction mission. But before we jump into how to farm the currency itself, let’s look into the requirements that the Deep Vein Extraction mission demands to be fulfilled.

How to Start Deep Vein Extraction Mission

Before you can embark on the Deep Vein Extraction Mission, you have to make sure you have the Searchlight Scan device beforehand. You’re also required to have the latest patch before beginning with the mission.

Downloading the hotfix makes things much easier for you, and you save so much time by sidestepping the errors and mining effectively.

If you don’t download hotfix beforehand, chances are you won’t be able to mine even if you have obtained the Extractor blueprint.

Finding Purple Currency in the Deep Vein Extraction Mission

The Deep Vein Extraction Mission will take place in the Southern Glacier. We recommend you become familiar with the area first so everything goes smooth and you can acquire the goods without much hassle.

Head towards the southeast region from the drop-ship point till you spot the frozen ravine. Since you’ll be staying here for a while and need a safe shelter, we highly recommend you set up a base here.

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to find the cave filled with cave worms. Ugh, we know it sounds disgusting, but you also need that money.

Head towards the northeast direction from the ravine and reach the marker O13/P13. You’ll spot the cave here. Don’t worry if you don’t spot a cave here because chances are some mountains are covering it. To deal with that, pull out your axe and clear your way till you finally see it.

Once you enter, the worm will attack you to protect their territory. Use the walls to save yourself from their attacks and kill them by sniping when you can. Once the area is clear, you can also use the cave as a shelter.

You can finally start mining for the Exotic Currency by smashing the whole cave and the walls. Once you can spot some, put them into the drop-ship storage. There are chances you get more than one Node, so search thoroughly through the whole area.

Placing Purple Currency in the Drop-ship Inventory

Once you’ve got the rare goods, place them safely in the dropship cargo slots, or they’ll disappear once you leave the planet. If you’re greedy for more of this currency, you have the option to replay this mission as much as you want.

It’ll take about 30 minutes each round, but it’s worth it since it is extremely hard to find Exotics in Icarus.

Purple Exotic Currency in the Orbital Workshop

You don’t have to check for the Exotics in the in-game mail as you normally do with the Gold Currency. You’ll have it directly once you put it in the drop-ship inventory before you exit from the planet. You’ll also receive the Purple Currency even if you complete the mission offline.

Finding Exotic Currency in Other Locations

Besides the Deep Vein Extraction Mission and Orbital Workshop, you can also find a huge circle on the map identifying the areas where you can potentially find some Exotic Currency.

You can find the Purple Currency at the bottom of a Crevasse located in the southeastern region of the O13.

You’ll also find some near where you earlier found the Oxite. They are found at the northeastern region of the O14.

Lastly, you can find some Exotic Currency near the small hill on the map’s northern edge of O14.

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