Where to find Caves in Icarus

In Icarus, players need to find caves to obtain valuable resources and in this guide we will tell you where exactly you can find caves.

In Icarus, caves are important places that players need to find to obtain valuable resources like ores and even set up temporary bases. However, finding caves in Icarus is not that easy. Here, we will tell you where exactly you can find caves in Icarus.

Where to find Caves in Icarus

There are three main places to encounter caves in Icarus. One is underwater and the other two are ridges and mountainsides. The caves also have two types open and hidden.

Open caves can be seen easily and you can easily notice them in the areas given above. But the hidden caves need some effort to be found. You will find them hidden behind something like a minable stone. Digging some of the minable stone can take you to caves in Icarus.

The thing you will need to look for to find the hidden caves is a flat stone with edges. Whenever you see a flat stone with edges simply mine that for finding the hidden caves.

One of the good things about these caves is that their location is static. You will always find them in the same location so you can visit them whenever you want. But you need to be careful about the mobs you are going to find in the caves as they are hostile.

Icarus Cave Locations

While these aren’t the only locations, below we have highlighted some places where you will see caves in Icarus.

Cave #1

Go to the M10 sector on the map and you will find one of the hidden caves right there in the mountains. The area is a little curved inside so you can guess the location quite easily. You can use the Pickaxe for shattering the rock and opening the cave.

Cave #2

Another cave location is in L12 sector mountains on the map and you will find the 2nd cave which is an open cave.  Just like other caves, it will also provide you with different valuable items.

Cave #3

The bottom right section of K13 houses another cave within some cliffs. Remember that these three caves are just to show you some of the locations where you can locate the caves in Icarus. You can find a lot more than them in the game.

What you will find inside the Caves

You can mine some of the valuable ore like copper, gold, iron, etc. You will need some of these ores for the recipes in the future. You can mine these ores with a pickaxe.  So get out there and mine as many of the ores as you can!

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