How to Use Ki in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Learn how to use Ki, the life force, in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for various purposes and feel like a Jedi in the martial arts universe

Dragon Ball Z is a well-known action franchise that has been a part of the pop culture of many decades. Ki (or Chi) plays a huge part in the franchise as sort of mana to perform moves. This guide will show you how to use Ki in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

There are many martial arts moves and other energy attacks used in the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. In this guide we have explained the usage of one such move which is the central part of combat in DBZ: Kakarot, called Ki.

How to Use Ki in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Using Ki in DBZ: Kakarot is probably the most essential part of the game. You can use Ki in many ways such as in free roam segments for highlighting objects (even behind obstacles) and areas of your choice. Simply use Ki when flying and easily find locations that you find interesting.

Apart from the free-roaming, you can use Ki Blasts to battle animals such as Dinosaurs or even blast terrain features and receive food and other items from them.

Also, the best part of using Ki is detecting the locations, number and power level of enemies, in the open map. Blue indicated that the enemy is vulnerable against you, Yellow shows that the enemy has the same power as you and the Red color signals that the enemy is superior to you.

Now, let’s focus on How to Charge Ki. If you are familiar with the meter system, then you’ll most probably know that Goku; or any other character, has two meters next to them. The meter above is the health bar and the meter below is the Ki meter. The best option is to keep an eye on the Ki meter when using Ki/Super attacks.

In order to charge your Ki, all you need to do is hold down Triangle (PS4) and charge the Ki to the fullest. Before charging your Ki, make sure you have enough distance from the opponent, as it’s a very risky task and leaves you open to enemy attacks.

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