How to Unlock Corneo Vault Doors in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you’ve played through more than half of the main story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you may have noticed one or more locked doors with a symbol of a Red Dragon on them. If you’re wondering what these doors are, they’re doors to the Corneo Vaults in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which are all around sector 5 and they have some pretty nice loot behind them.

If you’re trying to figure out how to unlock these Corneo Vault doors and get the loot, we’ve prepared this Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide to show you how you can open them and find out what is so mysterious about them.

How to Unlock Corneo Vault Doors in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The three Corneo Vault doors in the game are signified by a Red Dragon emblem on them and are locked until Chapter 14 of the story in FF7 Remake.

Even though you’ll see these doors while playing through Chapter 8 and 10, you’ll only be able to gain access to them near the end of the game.

You might want to unlock them early and might be looking for other ways but trust us on this one the only way to unlock them is to wait till chapter 14.

In chapter 14, you will take on a quest named “Corneo’s Secret Stash”, which is when you return to Sector 5 slums. This quest is obtained from Damon, the journalist guy you met in Chapter 9.

To find Damon, travel north from the Central District of Sector 5 and you’ll find him on a road that leads to the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill.

This is the main story quest in which you will have to clear out Corneo’s secret stashes at 3 different places in the sector 5, and these are the locations of those gates that you avoided at first.

The locations of these FF7 Remake Corneo gates are:

  • Steel Mountain
  • Collapsed Expressway
  • Sewers

After starting this quest, look at your map and head to the marked location. You have to travel through the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill and Steel Mountain to get to Angel’s hideout present in Lookout Point.

Here, you’ll find Mirielle. After having a chat with her, grab the Corneo’s Vault Note key item from the floor behind her. This item will give you hints towards the locations of the vault doors. Now, you have to find Kyrie.

Kyrie is at the church on Sanctuary way where you met up with Aerith. Before you go to her, talk to Johnny in the Sector 5 Train Station to get a side-quest called ‘Tomboy Bandit’. You have to complete this quest as well to get the vault door key.

Now that you’ve talked to Kyrie, you need to fight some battles on her behalf in the Corneo’s Colosseum present inside the Wall Market.

You have to fight the Beastmaster again, who’ll be accompanied by the Hellhound this time around. The Beastmaster is very vulnerable to Fire spells and takes good damage from melee attacks so he shouldn’t be that hard to take down.

The Hellhound is weak against Ice spells as extinguishing its fire-attacks using them shoots up its stagger meter.

The Hellhound’s red flame can be put out by using Ice spells, and the purple flames can be handled using Cure spells. You can also use melee attacks on him so this fight should be relatively easy as well.

After defeating them, you’ll acquire your vault key which can be used to open all three Corneo Vault doors in FF7 Remake.

Corneo Vault Door #1 – Collapsed Expressway
Your first vault door is inside the entrance of the Collapsed Expressway. Once there, travel to the right and go along the path until you get to the tunnel by going under the entrance.

The vault door will be to your left and it’ll contain two Moogle Medals and the Diamond Tiara key item.

Corneo Vault Door #2 – Steel Mountain
From the Sector 5 Train Station, travel towards the east to reach the Steel Mountain to arrive at the second vault. This vault will have a Prayer Materia, a Ruby Tiara key item and a Circlet accessory.

Corneo Vault Door #3 – The Sewers
The final vault is located inside the Sewers. To get back there, you have to keep playing the main quest.

Travel to Don Corneo’s mansion and go inside his room to meet Leslie. He’ll give you a quest where you have to go back into the sewers to find Corneo.

You simply just have to play through this quest and you’ll arrive at the sewers.

As you make your way through this quest, you’ll come across a mischievous Shoat. Follow it and after defeating it, go back to following Leslie.

After some time, you’ll get to a ladder and Leslie will inform you that Corneo is close by. Adjacent to the ladder will be a power switch which you need to turn on to drain the water from the Former Disposal Area.

After a cutscene, go back to the place where you ran after the Shoat and got close to it. Look at your map and get to the final vault door. Inside, you’ll encounter a Sahagin Prince and two Sahagins guarding the loot.

These creatures are vulnerable to Fire attacks so make use of your strongest Fire spells to fill up their stagger meter and make quick work of them.

Focus on the two Sahagins first as they’re much easier to take down. The Prince has the ability to turn your allies into frogs, but this can be reversed by using the Maiden’s Kiss items.

Once you take down the Sahagins, you’ll be able to get your loot; which contains Moogle Medals, Elixir, an Enfeeblement Ring and an Emerald Tiara.