How to Reset Rare Dens in Pokemon Sword and Shield

One of the most fun challenges that trainers pursue in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to search through the Galar region for Pokemon Dens. These are marked by a purple beam and give you different Dynamax versions of Pokemon to battle when you interact with them. However, sometimes you might find yourself out of luck during these battles so players have found a quick exploit that they can make use of. This guide will teach you how to reset rare dens in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Reset Rare Dens in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you come across a rare Pokemon Den, take out and throw the Wishing Piece in to start a Max Raid Battle against the Dynamaxed Pokemon.

If you don’t get the Dynamaxed Pokemon that you desire, you can re-use the Wishing Piece after resetting the den. It is a pretty fast process and this is how you do it.

  • Set your text speed to slow then turn off Auto-save.
  • Save the game through the menu when you’re about to throw the wishing piece into the Den.
  • As soon as you see the beam, push the home button. If it is the red beam then it is not a Dyamaxed Pokemon. In that case, you should close and then reopen the game until you see a purple beam.
  • Now that you have the right color, interact with the den to see which Pokemon is in there.
  • If the Pokemon you want isn’t the one you get, then simply interact with the den again and select “invite others.” Then press the home button and head to settings.
  • Go to “System” and then select “Date and Time.”
  • Disable “Synchronize Clock via the Internet” and then boost the date to the next day.
  • Get back to the game and go back out of the menu and you will see a different Pokemon in the den. Keep doing this until you get the one you want.

After you find it, hop online and invite other players to catch it with you.

It makes it easier for you to catch and it serves as a common courtesy to other players