How to Get Wishing Piece in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Learn how to get your hands on a Wishing Piece in Pokemon Sword and Shield so you can increase the chances of a Dynamax/Gigantamax in a raid

If you have ever wished of fighting a Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon but could not find one in a raid den, a Wishing Piece is your ticket to fulfil this wish of yours! This guide will show you How to Get Wishing Piece in Pokemon Sword and Shield and increase the chances of summoning a pokemon in a raid den.

How to Get Wishing Piece in Pokemon Sword and Shield

A wishing piece is a pass or ticket type of a piece that you can use in order to fight a Dynamax or Gigantamax type of Pokemon. To use it, you need to throw the piece into an empty Pokemon den in the wild areas, and a Dynamax type of Pokemon will spawn to fight you.

Perhaps that is why wishing pieces are a great way to capture Dynamax type of Pokemon.

You can also use them to farm Dittos with high IVs because the wishing pieces greatly enhance the chances of discovering those Pokemon.

To get a wishing piece, there are two main methods of that. The first is extremely simple and straightforward. You need to find the Watt Traders which you can find all around the wild areas on the map. They are dressed in white & black uniforms and sell a single Wishing Piece for 3000 Watts.

Fortunately, there is no limit to buying and hence you can buy as many as you want and hence can have as many fights with the Dynamaxes as much you have purchased.

There is also another method of farming Wishing Pieces. The method is a little complicated and also depends on luck, for it is totally random where ever you may or may not find one. This method is of farming Shiny Sparkles.

Shiny sparkles are just glowing lights that you may come across in the wild areas of the game. They are actually the symbols of the presence of these Wishing pieces.

When you get one, throw that into the Pokemon den in the wild areas. A thing to note here is that the game will ask you whether you want to save the progress at the point or not.

You MUST say YES because if you select NO, the Dynamax Pokemon will not be spawned and the Wishing piece will be wasted.

So that is all about the wishing pieces! Go ahead and find or purchase you wishing pieces and fight great battles with the great Pokemon

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