Pokemon Sword and Shield Raid Den Locations Guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find Poke Dens in the different Wild areas you explore. These house different...

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find Poke Dens in the different Wild areas you explore. These house different Pokemon and while they are pretty easy to find, you will probably benefit from knowing the location of each and every one. That is why we’ve prepared this Pokemon Sword and Shield raid den locations guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Raid Den Locations

Poke Dens are marked by a pink glow and are a source of Watts so you should regularly farm them. Gigantamax and Dynamax Raid Dens are marked by beams of light.

You shouldn’t strive to visit all of them at the start of the game since a lot of these can’t even be accessed until you level up and acquire the Rotom Bike. Instead, wait until you become Champion, and you will earn 200 Watts for every Poke Den you visit and 2,000 if it’s part of a Raid.

This will allow you to earn huge amounts of Watts. You can use these Watts to purchase Wishing Pieces from traders. These can then be tossed into Dens so that you can start Raids.

We’ve listed every Gigantamax Raid Den in every region of the map:

Axew’s Eye
In this area, you will find a solitary Pokemon den. You will need to upgrade your Rotom Bike to get there, but seeing as it’s just a plain ol’ Den waiting for you, it’s something that can wait.

Rolling Fields
You can find 7 regular Pokemon dens and 2 Gigantamax Pokemon Butterfree Dens here. Luckily a lot of them are really close to each other so they’re hard to miss. You’ll find most of them by the borders of this area. Simply ride either left or right of the Meetup spot to collect them.

Dappled Grove
This area is to the left of the Meetup spot and Rolling Fields. It is comfortably at the bottom of the South West corner of the map. You will find 4 regular Pokemon dens and 2 Gigantamax ones. Go along the water a little bit and you will find the Raid Den that spawns Gigantamax Orbeetle.

The next one is right of this and what it spawns depends on the version of the game you’re playing. In Sword, you will get Gigantamax Flapple while playing Shield will spawn Gigantamax Appletun.

From the starting point, head right towards the bridge and you will spot a Raid Den containing Gigantamax Kingler. If you head left of the starting point, you will come across a Den for a Giagnatamax Garbodor.

Giant’s Seat
Go along the river and you will find a lone Raid Den past a tree. This exclusive will spawn either Gigantamax Lapras for Shield or Gigantamax Coalossal for Sword. There are also 3 regular Dens spread out over the area that you can find by roaming around. Most of them are on the Eastern edge of the area.

South Lake Miloch
Grab your Rotor Bike because the lake contains two regular Dens and one Gigantamax Raid Den. The former are on the southern side of this area while the Gigantamax Kingler raid Den in the little puddle part of the a bit up north.

Bridge Field
This area is ripe with Dens so it’s essentially a goldmine. Go forward from the Daycare entrance and you will spot a Raid Den right along the wall to your left. This spawns Gigantamax Orbeetle.

From there, go further down a little past the lake and you will come across another Raid Den that spawns Gigantmax Hatterene in the grassy area next to the brick wall. Then go North of that area and you will find another Raid Den in a little corner not far from there. This one contains Gigantamax Alcremie.

If you go back to where you found the Gigantamax Orbeetle and then go right from there (heading north), you’ll come across another Raid Den just past the grass that spawns Gigantamax Copperajah. From there, go further north past the rocks and you will spot 3 Dens together that point in the direction of two past the patchy grass.

One of them is an exclusive that gives you Gigantamax Machop in Sword while in Shield you’ll get Gigantamax Gangar.

Head directly left of that last one into the grass that is in the beginning of the sandy area, and you will find a Raid Den containing Gigantamax Centiskorch.

There is a conveniently laid den between some trees right in front of the Daycare. This one spawns Dittos for you (rare purple encounters only.

Dusty Bowl
Go to the far western part of this area that is filled with jagged stones everywhere. You’ll find a Raid Den that spawns Gigantamax Grimmsnarl.

Go directly North-East from there and you will encounter two Dens that both spawn Gigantamax Sandacondas. One of them is on the very edge of this area. You can get to them easier by spawning right outside Hammerlocke.

Giant’s Cap
Go right from the entrance of Hammerlocke and around the Dusty Bowl area to enter Giant’s Cap. You’ll spot a Raid Den right around the corner behind a rock when you take this route. This exclusive spawns a Gigantamax Corviknight only for Pokemon Sword.

From here, go down south a little to the edge of the lake and you will find another exclusive Den that will spawn Gigantamax Drednaw for Pokemon Shield only.

Lake Of Outrage
Go across the water on your Rotor Bike and you will find a special Raid Den in the center of a circle of boulders. This one spawns Gigantamax Charizard so you can have another one, even if you have the one that Leone gives you in the game.

That covers all the Gigantamax Raid Dens you need to know about. The rest of the Dens are easy to find and are just fillers with normal Pokemon. You can find them pretty easily by simply riding around in the area since they are not hidden.

For your convenience though, we’ve attached this map.