How to Find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Learn how to invite the traveling musician KK Slider to your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons with the help of this guide

So if you have played any Animal Crossing title before you know how big of a deal K.K. slider is for an island and if you get him to play a gig. So the same is the case with the new Animal Crossing title New Horizons. In this guide, we will show you How to Find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons and have the musician dog play for you.

How to Find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons

So KK slider is basically a traveling musician who plays in different parts of the world on different islands and you can get him to play on your island every Saturday night.

But finding KK Slider is quite a work and might take several real-world days even if you are really into this New Horizons title and spending a massive amount of time, just get ready.

So to achieve this feat and get KK Slider on your island you will have to some groundwork on your island which starts like:

All these things are being done to lay the groundwork for increasing the popularity of your island and get more visitors and you will have more residents on your island as well.

When the above-mentioned tasks are done Tom Nook will ask for increasing the popularity of your island which can be helpful in attracting K.K. Slider.

So for that, increase your town rating and that can be done by doing some things that Isabelle can write down for you. First, you need to keep in mind that you need at least a 3-star rating and there are some tasks that needs to be done to achieve this feat.

Go talk to Isabelle and you will come to know that now you need more resident villagers, well at least 7 of them. Make sure to lay down plots and to reserve spaces for those visitors coming.

Now make this village of yours more presentable for KK Slider in Animal Crossing, and can be done as:

  • First, make sure there are no weeds on the island as it will have a bad impression on visitors. You don’t have to do the extensive work and remove every last one of it but just get rid of most of them.
  • Then you need to plant more and more trees on the island, start by having flowers on the higher points of the island and also make sure to water them regularly.
  • Now put outdoor furniture and set pieces so they are displayed and visible, do this all over the island and more your island is vibrant and good looking more appealing it will become and will attract more and more visitors.

When all of this is done, just keep checking with Isabelle and you will see your rating improved. Now when it is 3-star you will get feedback from KK Slider himself and he will let you know that he will arrive the next day. Now you will automatically tune into his performance and that will be New Horizons’ Theme Song.