Pokemon Sword and Shield Best High IV Ditto Guide

Ditto has always been an interesting creature in the Pokemon world with various benefits. The same is the case in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You are going to want a Ditto with good stats if you want to make breeding really worthwhile. We will be helping you out on how to catch a Pokemon Sword and Shield Best High IV Ditto for that reason.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best High IV Ditto

Before we get started with the search for a high IV Ditto, what exactly is IV? IV stands for Individual Value, and a Pokemon with high IV will have good stats, and a Ditto with good stats can be rare and extremely useful as well.

To be able to check a Pokemon’s IV you will have had to unlock the Judge Function, for which you will need to go to the Battle Tower after finishing the game. You will be able to see Pokemon’s IVs once you reach the Poke Ball Tier in the Battle Tower.

Catching a Ditto with an Aura
Find a Ditto with an Aura and simply catch it, for this you will need to do the following steps.

For one, you are going to need a Magikarp, a Pokemon that will be able to kill Ditto in one shot, at least 10 repeat balls, and the move known as False Swipes (TM94). Once you have all of these covered, go to Lake of Outrage.

Once you are in Lake of Outrage, simply eliminate all the Wild Ditto and wait for RNG to work its charm. Eventually, a Ditto with an aura should spawn, and you will need to catch it.

A recommended thing to do is use your Magikarp first so that Ditto transforms into it. This will make it way easier to catch the Ditto without wasting a lot of Pokeballs.

Once the opposing Ditto is a useless Magikarp (No offense), use False Swipe to bring down the Ditto to 1 HP which will maximize your chances of catching that Ditto.

Catching the Ditto in a Max Raid Battle
Doing Max Raid Battles require Wishing Pieces and one will cost you 3000 Watts, you should ask your friends for some help for this.

Other than the Watts, it is recommended you have a Level 100 Pokemon, Ditto in your Pokedex, some repeat balls, and a few people to do this battle with.

In order to get Wishing Pieces, you can trade your Watts for them in the Wild Area at the Watt Trader.

If you want to learn a bit more about how to farm Watts, check out our guide here.

The Ditto’s Pokemon Den can be found by taking a Flying Taxi to Bridge Field and then going through the two trees, and you should be able to see the Ditto’s Den on your right.

Use your Wishing Piece and the Den will show a beacon of red light, you can do the Raid with other players to, simply press “+”.

The Stars of the Ditto will determine how strong the Ditto will be. More stars are actually a good thing because a 5 Star Ditto will have at least 4 Max IVs.

You can also join other players’ Max Raid Battles by opening your Y-Comm and pressing “+” to connect.

You would not even have to waste any Wishing Pieces this way. It is recommended that you do this for other players as well as it is a good thing for the community.

Using these tips, you will have Ditto in hopefully an hour or two. Both methods are equally effective, although manually finding a Ditto in tall grass can be a bit time-consuming.

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