How To Get Ironjar Aromatic In Elden Ring

The only way to get Ironjar Aromatic in Elden Ring is through crafting. You are going to need Perfumer’s Cookbook (3) to craft this consumable.

Elden ring has a lot of consumables for players to find and use, allowing players of every build to take advantage of easy powerups. One of the best consumables for weaker builds is the Ironjar Aromatic as it provides a lot of damage negation and high-level hardness to players. Interesting, right? So, how can you get Ironjar Aromatic? This guide will help you get the Ironjar Aromatic in Elden Ring.

What does Ironjar Aromatic do in Elden Ring?

Ironjar Aromatic is a consumable, which turns the user’s body to steel. In other words, you get +40% Physical Damage negation and Tier 4 hardness. This allows you to stand through powerful physical attacks. Tier 4 hardness is the top hardness in the game. You get a lot of poise, and the enemy’s attacks will bounce off of you, just as attacks bounce off of walls. You also get 45 additional resistances to all status ailments.

However, it also has some downsides. First, it reduces the user’s Lightning Damage negation by 60%. It also forces the players into Heavy Dodge Rolls, and reduces Movement speed.

In general, Ironjar Aromatic turns players into literal tanks. You become almost invisible against physical attacks, at the cost of losing your agility. The effects of Ironjar Aromatic will last for 40 seconds before wearing off.

How to get Ironjar Aromatic

Ironjar Aromatic can only be obtained through crafting. To be able to craft the Ironjar Aromatic, players need to get Perfumer’s Cookbook (3).

Perfumer’s Cookbook (3) location in Elden Ring

Auriza Side Tomb is the location you need to go to if you want to get Perfumer’s Cookbook (3) in Elden Ring. It’s the tomb found directly opposite the Auriza Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau. The tomb can be found east from the Capital Rampart entrance to Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

To find the tomb, head east from the Draconic Tree Sentinel and use the air stream to jump to the cliff below. Here, follow the northern road to get to Auriza Side Tomb.

Auriza Side tomb requires players to open Transporter Chests to go through different parts of the tomb. From the chest at the dead end of the tomb in the chapel, you will be transported into a room with two large pots. Perfumer’s Cookbook (3) can be found on one of the three corpses.

Materials to Craft Ironjar Aromatic

The recipe for Ironjar Aromatic is as follows:

  • 2x Altus Bloom
  • 1x Budding Cave Moss
  • 3x Living Jar Shard
  • 1x Perfume Bottle

The item is a single-use consumable. You can only hold up to 10 consumables in your inventory at any given time, whereas up to 600 Ironjar Aromatics can be stored in your storage.

The effects of this consumable only stack with the effects of Golden Vow and Rallying Standard. Other buffs similar to Ironjar Aromatics will not stack when used simultaneously.

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