How to Find and Defeat Javier Kajika in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Javier Kajika is the stealth master and one of Aaron Keener's rogues in Warlords of New York. In order to...

Javier Kajika is the stealth master and one of Aaron Keener’s rogues in Warlords of New York. In order to acquire the shock trap skill, and of course, learn the whereabouts of Keener, you need to take him down. This guide will show you How to Find and Defeat Javier Kajika in The Division 2 Warlords of New York.

How to Find and Defeat Javier Kajika in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Searching for and putting down Javier Kajika consists of two parts. You will first need to get done with the Hugh Carrey Tunnel located in Battery Park. Where you will need to activate the ECHO and observe it.

After this, you will be tasked to get to the Pathway Park to see why the Cleaners were protecting the tunnel. You will be required to search for a drill and deactivate it. Javier Kajika will be very hard to find and get to, you will face a lot of enemies while trying to get to him.

Battery Park

Head to the Hugh Carrey Tunnel in Battery Park. You will face some enemies on your way to the Hugh Carrey Tunnel, kill them and proceed forwards. At the end of the block, you will see an entrance to a building, go inside and you will encounter a ledge.

The ledge will have a rope attached to it, propel yourself downwards and you will enter the tunnel. Once you go ahead you will face a number of enemies here, kill them and proceed forwards.

Once you reach the end of the big tunnel corridor, you will have to turn left and breakthrough the metal door by shooting at it and interacting with it. Here you will find a Carbine 7. Take it and continue where you were headed to.

Keep heading forwards with your teammates until you’re out of the tunnel. You will find yourself in between two buildings, the building ahead will have hostiles.

You will need to enter this building, secure the area and then get to the other side of it by climbing down. You will face more enemy units here. The enemies will generally be guiding the tunnel.

Unlock the ECHO
Activate the ECHO once you’ve gathered around near a ledge, and your next objective will be to watch the ECHO. After this, you will be tasked to head to Pathway and see if what the Cleaners are planning in the tunnels.

In Pathway Park, you have to search for Javier Kajika and put him down to stop the drill that they’re using. Pathway Park will be for revealing the Fog of War while it’s also a lead in Battery Park.

Pathway Park

To start with the mission, you need to go to Pathway Park which will be located close to the Settlement (Haven). You will face some patrolling mobs on the way here.

Kill the mobs and proceed towards the building which you will have to enter. Once you’ve entered the building, you will run into more enemies, kill them first. After you have the place secured, go towards the Pathway area/side of this building.

You will run into Javier Kajika but you won’t be able to kill him here. Kajika will keep baiting you by making you follow him; the shutters will also come down.

You will see how this will be a trap and a bait set up by Kajika and you will have to kill all the enemies who ambushed you. You will face Cleaners with flamethrowers, be wary of them and try shooting their tanks to kill them quickly.

Continue Searching for Kajika
Once you’ve killed all the enemies, you will need to continue the search for Kajika. Search for the power supply that will be located in the room alongside the shutters.

Go ahead to run into more enemies that you will need to put down. Once you’re done with them, search for Kajika.

Get rid of the Floodwater
Once you open the shutters, go ahead and secure this area. You will run into a lot of enemies in this area. Go to the control room nearby and interact with the computer to decrease the flood levels that have been a cause of the floodwater.

Once the water levels have gone down, you will be able to go ahead and get to Kajika along with his other men. Attack him after which he will run away.

You will have to secure this area and continue the search for Kajika. Move the gate which will look like a rock to proceed ahead.

When you’re searching for Kajika, you will also need to shut down a drill. For this, follow the route that leads you towards the drill.

You will find enemies on your way, put them down. You will get to a place with more enemies waiting, secure this place and go through the door to search for the drill.

The Drill
Once you have located the drill, you will have to first clear all the enemies that you run into while you head towards the drill. You will face some flames that will come out for a couple of seconds from the side. You can manage to get past this, keep furthering and clearing the area ahead. There will be a ladder here, climb it to proceed.

The Crane
You will run into an area which will be a no respawn zone, and your objective will be to activate the crane. Once you’ve activated the crane, you will see more enemies coming in.

You will have to kill them while protecting the explosives. After a while, the crane will deactivate, and you will have to reactivate it by going to the control panel that will be located further ahead.

Once you have reactivated the crane, more enemies will pour in. As always, take them out and reactivate the control panel by using another control panel.

More enemies will come, and you will have to repeat this by reactivating the crane using another control panel.

Once you’re done activating the crane a number of times, go ahead and continue searching for Kajika. You will face many enemies while searching for him. You will reach a door where you will face Kajika again.

You will finally face Kajika again and you will have to kill the enemies at the other side first. The boss will reappear with more heavily armored mates of his, which you will need to kill.

The Toxic Smoke
Once you face Kajika, he will release some sort of toxic air and you will have to get to the other side by draining the floodwaters again. Search for the lever over here and pull it.

Once you’ve pulled the lever, you will have to wait for a while so that the bridge may appear.

After the bridge is up, get to the other side while avoiding the toxic smoke and kill the Cleaners that you run into. The smoke will continue to rise, and you will need to pull a lever to drain the floodwaters again.

In order to get to the next platform, jump down to where there’s shallow water located near Kajika. The smoke will not reach you at this location.

Finally, Kill Kajika
Go ahead and take down Kajika’s men. Be wary of his sniper since his damage will be quite costly. Fight Kajika and kill him here and loot his body to get a new skill and some items.

Once you have defeated Javier Kajika in The Division 2, climb up the ladder nearby to get to a door to Kajika’s hideout. Get inside and search for his laptop from which you will be able to gather some intel. The mission will be completed here.

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