How to Find and Defeat Aaron Keener in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

After playing through the expansion, you will eventually have to face the big bad himself, Aaron Keener. In this guide...

After playing through the expansion, you will eventually have to face the big bad himself, Aaron Keener. In this guide we will show you How to Find and Defeat Aaron Keener in The Division 2 Warlords of New York for the conclusion that everyone has been waiting for since the first game.

The Warlords of New York expansion has you mow down all of Keener’s allies and his safeguards as you proceed to take him down, permanently.

How to Find and Defeat Aaron Keener in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

You have finally made it, your hard work has paid off, and you know where and how to take down Keener, only one problem though, a heck ton of enemies in your way.

Should be no problem for you though, select the right perks, pick out your best weapons, and be on your merry way to take down the Alpha Rogue agent himself.

Make sure you’re equipped with the best weapons and the best armor, the fight with Keener can get really challenging, not to mention the Black Tusk ambushes that can really put you on edge.

Initiate the quest by heading to Liberty Island.


  • Get to the Ferry.
  • Disarm the explosives.
  • Disarm the remaining explosives.
  • Reach and assist agent Kelso.
  • Secure the area.
  • Neutralize the Black Tusk Assault.
  • Disable the Razorback.
  • Neutralize the Black Tusk Assault.
  • Destroy the Marauder Drone.
  • Secure the area.
  • Gather in the lower area.
  • Access Keener’s database.
  • Kill Paul RHODES.
  • Prevent the missile launch.
  • Defeat Keener.
  • Pursue Keener.

Take down Aaron Keener
You will find yourself at the courtyard, fending off against various enemies as you are tasked to make your way to the ferry.

Make sure to stay in cover as fire from all sides can become quickly overwhelming. Enter the ‘Staten Island Fairy’ building and head up the escalator stairs, make your way past the Kerman Coffee store and raise the shutter.

You will now find yourself in a fight with a new wave of enemies; should be relatively easier compared to the previous encounter.

After defeating the wave of enemies, go through the gate in the corner of the room to find yourself at the ferry. Clear all enemies in the parking space, and proceed to disarm the marked explosives through the very conveniently placed laptop.

Take the stairs on your left, past the door, and take down all enemies in the seating area, and proceed to clear the area of any additional explosives.

Kelso will now need your help in clearing the upper deck of the ferry. Get rid of all enemies and including the dude with the minigun.

Once the top deck is clear, follow Kelso into the control room, and a cutscene will start, where your Ferry is bombarded and shored. It’s time to make your way off the Ferry and get to Keener.

You will now be ambushed by the Black Tusk, who have brought in a ton of air support and drones to take you down. Since you are the story’s protagonist, you will win anyway.

You will now find yourself taking down the Razorback, having two weak points. Make sure to always deal with surrounding enemies before you start attacking the weak points.

The drones flying in on you and the sheer number of enemies zeroing on you, can wipe you out in a matter of seconds. Once you clear your surroundings, proceed to damage the Razorback.

Your next task will be to hack the power terminal of the Razorback; simply stay within its premises to hack it, and proceed to shoot the next two weak points.

After the Razorback is disabled, you will continue your journey to find Keener, and once again be ambushed by a Black Tusk Assault.

You will find yourself in an open area being surrounded by Black Tusk drones, and soon find yourself facing off against a Marauder Drone, shoot it down whilst utilizing the cover around you, should be really easy, the drone doesn’t deal that much damage and doesn’t shoot that frequently either.

Done and dusted with the drone? Time to secure a hostile area infested by some Black Tusk Warhounds that happen to be able to tank a ton of hits.

Once done, make your way through into the bunker and head downstairs into the basement and access Keener’s database.

Obviously, things aren’t going to be that easy, and Keener will start to play mind games with you. While throwing his huge arsenal of gadgets at you. There are four corners, each with a crate of gadgets that randomly throw out things like turrets, hive or seeker mines.

This stage is basically you trying to survive as there is no way to destroy the crates. Just keep on destroying the gadgets and survive till the invisible timer reaches zero and you get the next objective.

Keener will invite you to take him on personally so head towards the objective marker to proceed with the mission.

Head out from the exit to find a giant missile that you have to stop. You must prevent the missile launch by hacking the launch generators and targeting the launcher’s weakpoints.

Once the missile has been disabled, the actual boss fight against Aaron Keener begins.

Keener will finally come out after you destroy its launcher. Beware that Keener deals a ton of damage, and standing in the open is simply suicide.

Throughout the fight he will continue to use various gadgets such as Mortar turrets, drones etc to take you down so stay in cover but don’t stay in one place for too long.

Take shots at him from cover only, do NOT stand out in the open for too long. Once you take down a considerable chunk of Keener’s health, he will attempt to run away, chase him and he will be lying injured next to a set of boxes.

Defeat Aaron Keener in The Division 2 Warlords of New York and you will have reached the conclusion of the expansion and unlocked the SHD level system.

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