How to Find and Catch Perfect Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

How to find and catch perfect Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

No two Pokemon in the world are the same, even if they are the same species and level. A poochyena caught from one place will be different from another in terms of its individual strengths.

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How to Find and Catch Perfect Pokemon

Strengths affect stat growth of the Pokemon, whether it’s caught from the wild or hatched from an egg. Just like species strength, individual strength can’t be changed so if players desire increased speed or some other changes, they will have to catch or obtain a new one.

The Detector Mode from the DexNav app can help players identify the strengths of a Pokemon.

Characteristics: takes plenty of siestas

  • Individual Strength: excellent HP gain

Characteristics: likes to thrash about

  • Individual Strength: excellent Attack gain

Characteristics: capable of taking hits

  • Individual Strength: excellent Defense gain

Characteristics: Mischievous

  • Individual Strength: excellent Sp. Atk gain

Characteristics: somewhat vain

  • Individual Strength: excellent Sp. Def gain

Characteristics: alert to sounds

  • Individual Strength: excellent Speed gain

Nature also highly affects a Pokemon and how quickly their stats grow.

Knowing what nature is best for which stat is key to catching the right Pokemon and making an all-rounder team. Natures mostly affect the growth of one stat and slow down the growth of another.

Some examples of natures and their benefits are below:

  • Adamant: good for physical move users
  • Jolly: good for fast moving physical move users
  • Modest: good for special move users
  • Timid: good for special move users that need to be fast

Sometimes remembering all the different stats and natures of Pokemon can be quite challenging since there are so many of them out there. The Summary of a Pokemon can help players identify these.

Players can look at all six stats of their Pokemon from the Summary, where pink colored means stats positively affect by the nature while the light blue stat is negatively affected. Nature has no impact on HP growth so players don’t have to worry about that stat.

The Synchronize Ability can really help in catching a Pokemon with a specific Nature. The ability grants a 50/50 chance to the lead Pokemon in the team to encounter a wild Pokemon of the same nature.

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