How to Farm Daily Events in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Daily Events are a staple of many games in the Pokemon’s franchise, so Sword and Shield prove to be no exceptions.  Various events occur each day such as Max Raid Battles, Battle Cafes and even a Lotto machine. Finishing these gives you a ton of neat rewards so players often jump at this opportunity. Here we will show you How to Farm Daily Events in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

You can more than double these rewards by making use of a glitch that will allow you to redo these events. This guide will teach you how to make farm Daily Events in Sword and Shield.

How to Farm Daily Events in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Note: Make sure the game is offline in order for the glitch to work. You are also required to turn off autosave before you do any of what follows.

First things first; do a few daily Pokemon events. Pokejobs are a great way to earn rewards and you send out your Pokemon to do a variety of them daily.

You have to pick the Pokemon that is suited for that particular job but don’t worry; it will say in the description which Pokemon type to send. The better the Pokemon; the better the money and rewards it will earn.

Afterward, try the Loto-ID at the Rotomi PC in a Pokemon Center. This is a lottery machine that you can use once a day lottery that will reward you with the Masterball if you did well.

It works by matching up numbers with Pokemon you have in your bank. If you have 5 numbers matching up, you get the Masterball.

The more Pokemon you have, the better your chance of getting this item. Once you’ve done that, step outside and change the day manually so that it is the next day.

Head to a Pokemon den and throw the wishing piece in to trigger a Max Raid Battle. Then do the trick you do to reset Pokemon Dens that we covered in our other article.

If it works, you will get a different Pokemon to raid battle.

Return to Hammerlocke and since the game will consider it to be a new day, you can do all the daily events again.

You can make use of this glitch and it will also finish all your Pokejobs immediately. This is valuable for XP and daily event farming.

You can even go back to the Loto-ID again to farm more Masterballs.

You should also make use of this glitch by heading to the Battle Cafés at Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon so that you can get the ribbon and star sweets.

This method consists of you basically repeating the day and getting different outcomes without losing any of the XP or rewards you earn in the process.

It will work for farming every daily event in the game