Horizon Zero Dawn Stormbird Guide

Stormbird in Horizon Zero Dawn is a deadlier and bigger version of Glinthawk and as such is an extremely mobile flying robotic dinosaur and can be quite a nuisance to take down. This Horizon Zero Dawn Stormbird guide will help players with the best way to tackle this creature.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Stormbird

The Concentration skill is extremely useful when fighting a Stormbird as it allows Aloy to slow down time and aim easily as the Stormbird can be quite annoying as it flies around at high speed.

Thankfully, whenever players encounter a Stormbird, it is just one robot they have to deal with instead of multiple small ones also attacking them from different sides.

Since a Stormbird rarely lands, arrows are going to be pretty much the only way of attacking them which is actually effective.

Players shouldn’t bother wasting time setting up traps or anything as combined with Concentration, arrow attacks should be enough to take a Stormbird down.

A stormbird’s weak spots are around its neck but they are well covered by armor plating so players need to focus on them with Tearblast arrows.

A couple of well placed arrows around the neck should be enough to take down the heavy armor plating of these birds. Once the armor is down, yellow colored weak spots should appear.

However, the spots can be difficult to aim for and that is once again where Concentration comes in to ensure players can land successful hits on those weak spots.

Fire arrows can be really useful to deal a lot of damage on those weak spots. The frost canon on its chest can also be damaged when it loses its armor plating.

If players are having trouble dealing with a Stormbird while it is in air, they can wait for it to land on the ground (which it does briefly) and then hit it with a shock grenade.

The stormbird should be stunned for a while and that is when players can attack the orange canisters on its wings to ensure that the bird is unable to fly again.

Sometimes, the Stormbird will use a protective shield whenever it’s grounded so ropes are useful in such a situation to make sure players get a few extra seconds with the bird on the ground and then they can shoot the canisters once the shield goes down.

Since the stormbird pretty much only attacks from high up in the air, by the time the attacks reach the ground players have plenty of time to dodge out of the area so fighting him shouldn’t be a problem as long as they stay on the move.

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