Horizon Zero Dawn Robot Exploits Guide

Following Horizon Zero Dawn robot exploit guide is going to help you do better in combat against the robotic beasts of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn robots have their individual weaknesses and strengths. If you are able to figure out the point of strike, taking down enemies becomes relatively easy. The following Horizon Zero Dawn robot exploits guide is going to help you do better in combat against the robotic beasts of the game

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Horizon Zero Dawn Robot Exploits

Aloy can scan her enemies using focus, hit R3 to activate this ability. Hide in grass or any other cover you can find where the enemy can not see you. Hit the button and Aloy will scan enemy. The scan will highlight vulnerable places with yellow color.

These yellow areas are the ones you need to attack to take down the enemy by causing severe damage.  Aloys bow can shoot different types of ammo such as fire, shock, proximity, freeze, tear and more. Study the enemy and figure out what is the best ammunition against it.

Traps Are your Friends
Traps are something that will come in very handy. But you need a different bow; Shadow Tripcaster needs to be developed as soon as possible.

It is one of the best weapons in the game, it is accessible, decent amount of slots, and it able to fire Shock, Explosive, and Fire Traps. It will allow you to trap enemies but keep in mind that it only comes with a shock traps in the beginning.

Use the ropecaster to tie down the enemy but keep in mind that after taking a certain amount of damage, each enemy will break free from the trap or tie down.

It is always better to scan the machine before you decide to actually fight it! Approach the machine undetected, hide in the bushes to scan it by pressing the R3 button.

The scan will show you the weaker components in yellow highlight. Doing this will help you damage the machine more quickly as you would already know the vulnerable parts.

Removing the Weapons
The scan will not only expose the machine’s vulnerable parts but also its main weapon! Before you go for the body its always better to go for the weapon!

The scan will reveal the weapon in yellow highlight. You can even pick it up and use it against the machine itself.

So if you use the Tearblast arrow with the Shadow Sharpshooter bow you may have a chance of dropping the enemy’s weapon and then using it against it

Go Elemental
Your bow can shoot different types of elemental arrows such fire, freeze etc. It is best to figure out what the enemy is vulnerable.

There is one common weakness all Horizon Zero Dawn robots have, Corruption. Corruption can allow you to deliver killing below as well as mount certain types of enemies.

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