Horizon Zero Dawn Mounts Guide

Aloy can mount on robots by overriding them. The following Horizon Zero Dawn Mounts Guide will discuss how you can override and ride robots.

Horizon Zero Dawn comes with a massive open world and some say it is as big as The Witcher 3. On foot, it would take a while to get across the map, however, developers have added an alternative in Horizon Zero Dawn Mounts, be it robot mounts or giant machines you can only hope to ride. Aloy can mount on robots by overriding them.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Mounts

There are two ways you can use an overridden machine. Aloy can use a robot to fight by her side or she can mount it and traverse the map. Keep in mind that Aloy can not mount all robots but all robots can fight alongside her.

Aloy can override the robot by sneaking up on it. She will have two options from here on, kill the machine or override. Smaller machine will take less while bigger machines will take more time to override.

The good news is that you can expand the types of robots you can mount. You need to get access to the underground bunker where the machines are made. From here, Aloy can learn how to mount and override more machines.

The area is called Cauldron so get access to its as early as you can if you want to traverse the map faster. If you are looking to farm loot and complete side quests, raise your level by killing robots, getting from point A to B faster become a necessity.

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Cauldron PSI

  • Watcher – Not Mountable
  • Broadhead – Mountable
  • Charger – Mountable
  • Strider – Mountable
  • Redeye Watcher – Not Mountable
  • Tallneck – Not Mountable

Cauldron Sigma

  • Lancehorn – Not Mountable
  • Grazer – Not Mountable
  • Scrapper – Not Mountable
  • Sawtooth – Not Mountable

Cauldron RHO

  • Longleg – Not Mountable
  • Snapmaw – Not Mountable
  • Trampler – Not Mountable
  • Shell-Walker – Not Mountable

Cauldron XI

  • Glinthawk – Not Mountable
  • Fire Bellowback – Not Mountable
  • Freeze Bellowback – Not Mountable

Cauldron Zeta

  • Thunderjaw –  Not Mountable
  • Stormbird –  Not Mountable
  • Rockbreaker – Not Mountable

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