Horizon Zero Dawn Enemies Guide

Our Horizon Zero Dawn Enemies Guide is here to help you learn everything you need to about these robots and how to take them down.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, a corruption marked by a black ooze has spread through the machines, causing them to behave differently and even show signs of violence and believe me when I say this, an aggressive machine can easily rip Aloy to shreds in no time.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Enemies

Aloy has a range of weapons at her disposal which she can utilize to subdue her aggressors. In addition to this, she can also restrain these enemies with a Ropecaster or Traps.

Moreover, make sure to use Aloy’s scanning to see an enemy’s potential elemental and armor weaknesses. Lastly, Aloy can also utilize her Override Ability in order to use these machines for her own purposes and even using a few of them as mounts.


These mountable robots are generally peace-loving unless you give them some sort of trouble. Similar to Striders, you should be able to see a yellowish cylindrical objects on their backside which serves as their weak point. Do note that the object can be set aflame.


These highly aggressive robots can essentially be considered as tougher versions of Grazers. Similar to Grazers, these robots move around in numbers which is why you should always try to thin them out before taking them on.

Moreover, their antlers deal a whole lot more damage as compared to Grazers. Other than this, everything that holds true for Grazers also holds true for dealing with Lancehorns.


These are basically frost-type robots which means they’re naturally weak to fire. Now that you know which element to use against them, either try to force them to the ground or simply wait! Either way, you should have an easy time against them on the land as compared to them soaring through the air.


Corruptors in Horizon Zero Dawn are overly-aggressive robots with a wide-range of attacks. Don’t let me tell you how to dodge its attacks. You probably already know that! However, allow me to give you a small piece of advice. Use fire whenever you see them land and thank me later. I’ll wait!


As the name suggests, these robots work like roaming sentries that alert every nearby robot to your presence. Due to this, it’s a good idea to deal with them as quickly as possible. You should be able to see a distinct blue eye which serves as their weak point – hit it!


Striders are low-level robots that can quickly get out hand if you aren’t careful enough. You should be able to see a yellowish cylindrical objects on their backside which serves as their weak point. Do note that the object can be set aflame.


Grazers are pretty similar to Striders but roam in larger numbers. Due to this, it’s a good idea to lure them out one by one instead of dealing with them all simultaneously. Like Striders, the flammable yellowish cylindrical objects on their back are their weak spots.


Like Grazers, Scrappers also like to roam around the area in groups. No matter what your brains tells you, try to separate them out before taking them on. When it comes to its their weak spot, it’s the powercell on its backside. Disable it quickly and you should be fine.

Redeye Watchers

These robots are exactly like Watchers, but are a tad tougher and have more damage output. Other than this, everything that holds true for Watchers also holds for the Redeye Watchers.


Boasting both melee and ranged attacks, Ravagers can be pretty devastating if left alone. Luckily, fire is once again your friend against these foes. Rain down Fire Arrows on this robotic foe and walk with your head held high.


It’s a tad hard to spot, but if you look carefully, you should be able to find an object attached to the robot’s underbelly. This object is Rockbreaker’s weak spot. If you manage to land a couple of shots on this spot, you’ll do a considerable amount of damage. If you’re having difficulties lining a good shot, try to slow it down a notch by using frost and then try again.


There are a couple of weak spots that you can target on these robots e.g. blue objects visible on their backs. You should try and deal with them quickly since they can be pretty aggressive and have a stun. Moreover, you can’t hide from them by laying low in the grass.


Although these robots pack a considerable amount of damage, they aren’t terribly hard to defeat. They have no weak spots that I know of, but if you found any; I’d love to hear about it. Just try and make sure not to tackle more than one of them at any given time and you should be good to go.


Remember playing Dark Souls and how everyone recommends gluing yourself to enemies’ butts? The same goes for the Shell-Walker in Horizon Zero Dawn. There isn’t any reason why you should be taking this fight head on. Just stick to the back, fire a handful of armor-piercing arrows, and voila!

Freeze Bellowbacks

These robots are exactly the same as the Fire Bellowbacks. The only difference between the two is the difference in types of attacks i.e. fire attacks and frost attacks. Apart from this, everything about Fire Bellowbacks also works well on Freeze Bellowbacks.


These robotic bulls are incredibly aggressive, agile, and show sheer relentless. Luckily, if you take them out quickly, you won’t have to worry about dodging their charged rams. You need to take note of yellow cylinders on their backs which serve as their weak points.


As the name suggests, these robots can be found lurking in hard-to-see places. On top of it, they can go invisible and attack you if you aren’t careful enough. If you manage to catch them before they get to you, make sure to target the yellow sections on their backs to deal the most amount of damage. Lastly, they also have a few traps at their disposal – be careful!


These robots are like chargers but bigger and badder. These enemies pack thick armor which you should consider wearing down if you wish to deal a considerable amount of damage. Moreover, you should easily be able to spot yellowish objects around their legs and underbelly. As you might’ve guessed, you need to target these weak spots to deal some crazy damage.


These robots, for some reasons, don’t like to stay on the ground for extended durations of time which is why you must make most of your available time. If you’re blessed with an eagle eye and have decent aim, you should easily be able to get rid of them while they’re soaring through the air. As for its weak spots, you should be able to spot objects around its neck. Always try to hit them to deal the maximum amount of damage.


These are basically robotic alligators. However, don’t let it worry you! The animal has a fierce frost attack which you should try to counter with a colder frost attack. I mean, why would you use Fire Arrows? It doesn’t make any sense. But on a serious note, you should be able to see some objects directly underneath its mouth which can be targeted with Fire Arrows to blow the creature inside out.

Fire Bellowbacks

When it comes to Fire Bellowback in Horizon Zero Dawn, you need to hit the objects on its back. Shooting these objects with Fire Arrows should allow you to set the creature afire. Do note that it’s a little hard to do so, but if you’re looking to get rid of them quickly, it’s one of the best ways.

Corrupted Machines

Corrupting Machines in Horizon Zero Dawn are essentially the stronger versions of all the robotic animals mentioned in this little guide. Therefore, please refer to the individual sections above to see their weaknesses and how to deal with them in a better way. Moreover, all of them are weak to fire – no exceptions!


These machines are gigantic but can be taken down with the help of arrows that deal fire and shock damage. You can bring it down by targeting its orange Weak Spots.

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