Horizon Zero Dawn Snapmaw Guide

Snapmaw might be one of the easiest robots to kill in Horizon Zero Dawn but its design and size can intimidate players when they encounter it for the first time. Thankfully, this Horizon Zero Dawn Snapmaw Guide is here to help and should alleviate all those fears, which kicked in at the sight of this robotic crocodile.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Snapmaw

Snapmaw always travel in groups of at least two and can close the gap between themselves and the player at an incredible speed. Because of that, it is best to start the fight against them from a safe distance and deal as much damage as possible before they can reach the player.

Their incredible attack speed can make them quite dangerous if players don’t take advantage of the surprise element they have when starting a fight against these robots. Players should start the encounter with a couple of Tearblast arrows to quickly remove as much armor as possible and expose weakpoints.

Snapmaw are also vulnerable to fire so Fire arrows will also prove quite useful in these fights. If players can manage to hit the frost glands under their head and cause an explosion, the Snapmaw will become even more vulnerable to fire damage after taking a frost debuff from the explosion.

These glands should be easy to hit as they are pretty exposed whenever the Snapmaw gets ready to use its Frost attack on the player.

They can be super deadly in close combat, either with their jaws or lashing with their tail so players should always stay on the move and maintain a safe distance from them so they only have to worry about the Freeze Burst attack.

There are 2 Blaze Canisters on the top of their head and that should be your primary target. Since they are quite difficult to hit but one direct hit is all you need.

It will explode if you manage to hit one of their Canisters. Simple repeating this process you will be able to kill Snapmaws with a few arrows

After the Frost debuff is applied on the Snapmaw, it should be easy to kill with a couple of Fire arrows since the robot now takes extra damage from these fire attacks.

It should be noted that all of this is pointless unless players first take down a fair amount of its armor with Tearblast arrows first.

There is no point in trying to run away from a Snapmaw since it can easily chase down the player thanks to its fast speed and the ability to swim, making escape more of a risk since it will attack players even in water. Best solution when up against a Snapmaw is to stand and fight, keeping in mind the above tips to ensure survival.

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