Horizon Zero Dawn Mods Guide

The following Horizon Zero Dawn Mods Guide will discuss best weapons mods, outfit mods, and more.

Horizon Zero Dawns open world has so much to offer and blew critics away across the globe. The depth of its gameplay is staggering and one of the best and fun elements of the game are Horizon Zero Dawn’s Weapon and Armor mods which we will discuss below.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Mods

Weapons and outfits are customizable so you can add different mods to make your items better. At the start, there are less weapons available to you but as you progress through the game you will unlock new weapons.

Higher level weapons will have more slots which means more mods for your weapons. The mods are called coils in the games and are of three types as mentioned below.

  • Green Mods – Common
  • Blue Mods – Rare
  • Purple Mods – Very Rare

Once a mod has been applied it cannot be undone unless you have the Tinker Skill. The most common coils can be found in the downed machines or the scattered loot but the rare and the rarest mods can only be acquired by downing extremely rare machines or by trading with certain merchants.

Make sure that the mods you apply are well decided and thought upon on as they will be final and can only be undone with the Tinker ability! So, when you get the rare coils, use this opportunity to make the most out of it.

Mods have various benefits as they can make your weapons more accessible, add new features, and more. You can add fire damage, shock damage, and more.  You can also damage bonuses by adding certain types of mods. Such mods are great to have so add them whenever and wherever you can.

The Hunter Bow is a weapon you will be using for a decent chunk of the game. You can add damage boosts to the Hunter Bow to make it more effective. In most combat situations, it is your Hunter Bow that will take center stage.

One effective damage boost is fire as many of the game’s enemies have a weakness to fire. You just need to make sure you hit the right spot and that is it.

Playing through Zero Dawn, you will be able to unlock fire arrow soon. You can use them to take on a number of enemy types including Walkers. Similar to this, Tear damage boost is very effective is while facing Snapmaw.

Outfits Boosts

Modifying outfits is not just for visual appeal. Some outfits can protect you from certain types of damage. For example, there is an outfit that will protect you from freeze damage.

Each element of the game is well designed and same is the case with Aloy’s outfits. Outfits have a purpose and even though they may look goofy at times they can do you good. You can boost your stealth side or your combat side and get an edge is battle by adding relevant outfit mods.

How to Apply Mods

In HZD, mods are applied from the Crafting Menu. All the installed mods can be removed using a high-level Tinker Ability which isn’t available during the early game.

In any case, the following section will tell you everything you need to know about installing mods in the game.

Open up the Crafting Menu and either choose Modify Weapons or Modify Outfits – depending on what you want to do. After that, choose your desired item and take note of gray circles.

Now all that remains is to choose one of these circles, select your desired mod, and equip it.

Types of Mods

As mentioned earlier, mods in the game not only enable you to boost your raw damage output but also allow you to have elemental damage e.g. Shock, Freeze, Fire, Tear, etc.

While playing the game, if you find a machine’s weaknesses, you should easily be able to complete the battle with elemental damage.

Fire Mods
The Fire Mods in Horizon Zero Dawn tend to work great during the early game since most of the low-level machines are weak against fire damage. Once against, I recommend exploiting a machine’s weaknesses during a battle.

Tear Mods
If you analyze a machine, you should easily be able to identify a machine’s weak spots. When targeted, these spots take a ton of damage and can make the fight incredibly easy. Tear Mods come in handy in such situations.

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