Horizon Zero Dawn Rare Loot Locations Guide

The following Horizon Zero Dawn Rare Loot Guide will discuss rare loot and tips for getting it faster in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with things to do as it is an open-world RPG. One of the elements of the game is gathering loot and of course, there are different tiers to the system. Finding Horizon Zero Dawn rare loot is extremely important and will be your ticket to survive in a world dominated by giant robots and machines, and this rare loot guide will help you do just that!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Rare Loot

The map of the game is huge and some would as almost as big as The Witcher 3. There ways to navigate the map using mounts but make sure you do not use this method of transportation if you are looking for loot items.

The very first thing you need to do is make sure you have enough space to store the items you find. Be it common or rare, the items need space and it is your job to have enough of it by upgrading your pouch. Looted items can be used to craft ammunition, trade with merchant, can be sold for metal shards, among other things.

A very convenient feature of Zero Dawn is that you can create active quests for certain types of loot by highlighting it at the merchant.

Animal Parts
One loot you will come across in the game are animal parts. You can get the animal parts and skins by hunting down animals. The only problem is that the wildlife is hard to find as most of the world is filled with robots. Roam around in the forest and in the water to hunt for animal parts.

Crystal Braiding
Find long necks and unlock the entire map, which should be your first priority. Find Rockbreaker, Behemoth, Stormbird, Thunderjaw, Deathbringer which should be easy after unlocking the entire map. Corrupted machines are better for rare loot which is something you need to keep in mind.

Machine Hearts
All machine have a hearts which means but getting rarest ones are at the corrupted zone. Take down such machines and you will have access to the hearts you need. For example of the rarest items is the Sawtooth heart. It is a rare item and is only found on Sawtooth.

Desert Glass
Getting desert glass can prove to be challanging but what you need to do is mark the human areas and prepare for battle. It is best to be stealthy and take down as many human enemies as possible. Why you ask? Well, this particular item is exclusive to humans.

Luminous Braiding
Find Sawtooth, Longleg, Shell0Walker, Fire Bellowback, Freeze Bellowback, Trampler, Ravager, Snapmaw, Stalker, Corruptor on the map which is once again done best by unlocking the map.

Slagshine Glass
The main source of this loot is humans. So the main way to get your hands on this rare loot is by killing enemy bandits. You can move around the map, exploring the camps and farming it there.

Machine Core Medium
The main sources of this loot include Sawtooth, Longleg, Shell-Walker, Fire Bellowback, Trampler, Ravager, Corruptor, Stalker and Snapmaw.

Machine Core Large
Leave a reference on the map to find these easily. Once you know the location of Rockbreaker, Beheamoth, Stormbird, Thundejaw and Deathbringer, just go there and hunt them.

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