Horizon Zero Dawn Deep Secrets of the Earth Puzzle Guide

The Horizon Zero Dawn Deep Secrets of the Earth Puzzle is one of the trickiest ones in the game in which players have to align two panels, each with 5 rings in them, in the correct order to open up the path. This puzzle is present in the Deep Secrets of the Earth mission so players can’t miss it.

The following Deep Secrets of the Earth puzzle guide will help make solving this puzzle easier by taking players through all the steps and correct alignment for the rings.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Deep Secrets of the Earth Puzzle

In the initial phases, Aloy didn’t have all the components to solve the puzzle and restore power to the door and so the puzzle needs some backtracking.

After getting into the room, players are gonna see panels on each side. The panel on the right can be solved easily but the one on the left has a ring missing.

Using Focus Device (R3) on the wall panel to the left can align the panel on the left and see the right combination.

The correct sequence of the rings will be indicated by red lines. The rings need to be set in the following order from left to right


To get the emitter after getting through the puzzle on the right, go upstairs to the bunker that gets opened. After receiving the emitted, come back down and put it in the panel on the right.

The solution of the panel can be viewed after the panel is placed by using the focus device. At that point, you’ll get to know that the rings have been turned around and their alignment is reversed.

The ones facing up should be facing down and vice versa. The following is the correct combination to align this panel:


After both of the panels are aligned, the Horizon Zero Dawn Deep Secrets of the Earth Puzzle gets solved.

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