Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points location are spread across the map. There are a total of 12 locations that you need to find to get a better vantage of the area.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points Locations

The following HZD Vantage points locations guide will help you reach all 12 locations across the map.

Air Combat Academy
Go across the river, east of the main entrance to Embrace. Look for a small group of ruins and locate the large rock formation. This area makes up the Corrupted Zone.  Go up the rocks to the east to reach the vantage point.

Colorado Springs
There is a Tallneck in Devil’s Thirst which is the tallest in the area. Approach from the south and climb up the building in the area. Go up the tower’s skeleton to find the vantage on the west.

Explorer Museum
Take the road north from the Devil’s Thirst Bandit Camp. There is small pillar where you can find the vantage point. The pillar and the rocks look at back at the encampment.

Bridal Viel Falls
Go south-east of the Daytower just below the Two-Teeth bandit Camp. Come from the east to find the path to the left of the sign Daytower and exiting Forsaken village.

Egle Canyon
There are stairs that take you from Cut Cliffs to Meridian. There is a climb path near the western side of the trail. Climb up to find the vantage point.

Monument Valley
In the south-west corner of the map, face the gates of the Sunstone and look for a large rock formation.  Follow the path up and use the zipline to reach down to the vantage point.

Bryce Orbital
Go to the path east of the Sunfall that leads to the marker’s end and reach the rock formation on the left side. Use the climbable path and go beyond the plateau at the top and climb the wall. Take two a couple of enemies and you will see the vantage point overlooking the sunfall.

Lake Powell
There is a river to the north of Brightmarket, reach the shore. Use the tightrope to reach the free-standing rock formation.  Climb up to the side to reach the vantage point.

Faro Automated Solutions
To the south of Maker’s End there is are wooded mountains. Reach the snowy foothills and find the grey rock on the right side. Climb up to reach the vantage points.

King’s Peak
The area where you fight the Stormbird has a vantage point waiting to be collected. This is the area which used to reach Sylens in The Mountain That Fell. Locate the climbable rocks to reach the vantage point.

Sterling Malkeet Amphitheater
Across the river from the Devils Grief, locate the open area which is the Corrupted Zone. Use the natural steps and go up to find the vantage point.

Denver Stadium
There are remains of a skyscraper near Devils Grief, south of the Iron Ring Camp. Use the climb up path inside the base of this building to reach the vantage point.

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