Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper Locations

Tideripper is an aquatic machine in Horizon Forbidden West, and if you do not know how to defeat them, they will make things a lot tough for you. This guide will help you find all of the Tideripper Locations throughout the wonderful world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Where are Tiderippers Located in Horizon Forbidden West

Tiderippers are spawned at multiple locations throughout the world of Horizon Forbidden West. You also get to face them in various questlines, but you can defeat them easily if you have the knowledge and a good strategy to imply. You need to be at least level 25 to defeat it.

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper #1 Location

We will be looking into the first Tidripper’s location, The Apex Tideripper. Its level will be higher than the other Tiderippers, so we will explain later in this guide if you do not know how to defeat it.

This Specific Tideripper can be found West of Tilda’s Mansion.

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper #2 Location

The Second Tideripper can be located Southeast of the Stone’s Echo. It will be somewhere on the edge of the marshes. We would recommend you to use a Stormbird for this one.

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper #3 Location

After finding the second tideripper, the third one will be located in deepwater. It will be swimming, so you will dive in and make it follow to a clear surface where you can battle it.

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper #4 Location

The fourth Tideripper will be northwest of the third Tideripper you found. It will also be in deep water, so you have to do the same diving process to make it follow you onto the land.

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper #5 Location

The final Tideripper’s exact location is given in the picture below. It will not be swimming in deep water, so it can be easy for you to bring somewhere close to the surface.

How to Kill Tiderippers in Horizon Forbidden West

Tideripper is a  heavy-hitting machine and can prove formidable if you fight it at a close range, but it will be much easier for you to deal with if you try to fight it from a distance.

Tideripper is weak against Frost and Shock, so stack up on those before engaging with it. It will have multiple weak points around its body, so use your range to destroy at least two of the weak points.

It will stagger the Tideripper, and then you can do a finisher attack on it which will deal massive damage. Then regain your distance and repeat the process.

They have strong Purgewater and Fire and can also charge at you if you are within their range, so be careful.

Once you have defeated one, it will drop all the loot for crafting and upgrading higher-tier weapons, so good luck.

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