Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Locations Guide

Stormbirds can make things difficult for you in Horizon Forbidden West if you don’t know where they will spawn and take precautions accordingly. In this Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Locations guide, we will tell you all about Stormbirds and their locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Locations

Stormbirds are spawned at multiple locations throughout the world of Horizon Forbidden West. You also get to face one Stormbird during the Second Verse side quest. Since they are at least level 30, it will be a while before you can take on a Stormbird and defeat it with ease.

If you have completed the Kappa Cauldron and have the Kappa Override, you can even override a Stormbird to have it fight at your side.

For your convenience, we have compiled the list of locations for all Stormbirds that you will encounter in HFW below:

Stormbird Location #1

The first Stormbird can be found in the northwest of Legacy’s Landfall, in the ruins of San Francisco. Stormbird will be flying around the area specifically near the destroyed bridge. The location of the 1st Stormbird is marked in the picture below with red.

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Location 1

Stormbird Location #2

The second Stormbird can be found in the mountains in the west of the Maw of the Arena and Memorial Grave and north of the Raintrace North Rebel Camp.

Stormbird Location #2 is marked with red in the picture below:

Horizon Forbidden West Stormbird Location 2

How to Kill Stormbirds in Horizon Forbidden West

Stormbirds are bird-like flying, mechanical robots that have electric cannons and sharp talons used for combat. They can be found throughout the map of Horizon Forbidden West. Stormbirds are really intimidating and need to be handled as soon as possible.

Stormbirds can be neutralized through acid or plasma arrows, but are strong against Fire, Frost and Shock damage. They have hard outer casings and have Wing Thrusters to gain additional speed, so be on your toes.

You will get Stormbird Storm Cannon, Apex Stormbird Heart, Crystal Braiding, Luminous Brainstem, Stormbird Circulator, Volatile Sludge and Stormbird Primary Nerve as loot after you have taken down the Stormbird.

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