Horizon Forbidden West: How to Climb/Override The Shining Wastes Tallneck

Tallnecks are one of the many machines types in Horizon Forbidden West. They can hardly be missed since Tallnecks are large, looming machines with giraffe-like necks. The following guide will help players locate and override the Shining Wastes Tallneck in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to find The Shinning Wastes Tallneck

Obviously, players will find the Tallneck somewhere in The Shinning Wastes. The machine tends to roam a lot and hence, players could possibly need to scour the deserted parts of the region before they sight the Tallneck on the horizon.

How to Climb The Shining Wastes Tallneck in Horizon Forbidden West

Tallnecks are the only machine in the game to be not hostile. Aloy can climb their necks to override the machine and gain valuable information about the surrounding areas.

Some Tallnecks are easy to climb and override, while others tend to put players in a blind.

The Tallneck in The Shining Wastes though will pose a puzzle of sorts to players since there are no nearby structures or environments to assist them in climbing the machine.

You may as well be thinking that this is a bug in the game. The reality is that you’re not supposed to override the Tallneck until you reach a particular point in the storyline.

After recovering Hephaestus from the Gemini cauldron, you will unlock the Wings of the Ten quest. This mission will have you climbing a Sunwing, the first flying mount ever to be introduced in the franchise.

You can then use the mount to land atop The Shining Wastes Tallneck and override the machine to open up the nearby areas.

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