Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations Guide

Horizon Forbidden West unsurprisingly packs a lot of collectibles and for completionists, one of them will require them to override the looming giraffe-like creatures called Tallnecks. The following guide hence marks all of the locations where each Tallneck can be found in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations

The first thing to know is that the map in HFW marks Tallnecks with a giraffe-like icon. Secondly, there are six of them to override with each of them located in a different region.

Once overridden, the area surrounding the Tallneck will be cleared to show more objectives, hidden collectibles, and such on the map. In addition, overriding all six Tallnecks in HFW will unlock the “All Tallnecks Overriden” trophy.

To override a Tallneck creature in HFW, players will need to get on top of them by either jumping from a high point or using a flying mount, the latter being one of the new features of Horizon Forbidden West.

Before we continue any further, we recommend that you complete the story campaign before heading out to override Tallnecks. This will make the overriding process much easier as you will be able to land directly on top of the Tallneck with the help of the bird that you can fly on.

Below is the location of all six Tallnecks in Forbidden West and how to override them.

Tallneck – The Shining Wastes

This collectible will be a part of the main quest, The Wings of the Ten, which will require you to override the Tallneck.

The Tallneck will be seen walking right in the middle of the map. Use the Bird to land on top of it and press the TRIANGLE button to override the Tallneck.

Tallneck – Cinnabar Sands

This Tallneck is located to the right side of the map in the sandy region. Call in the bird and land on top of it to override it.

Tallneck – Landfall

The third Tallneck is a bit tricky to override as it is completely submerged in water except for its head. Therefore, you need to repair the canisters of the Tallneck by going underwater before you override it.

Go to the location marked on the map and look for the top of the Tallneck. Then, dive in the water and scan the creature to look for the repair points.

Now, you need to find the parts by going to the land in the direction of the objective markers. Call in the bird and fly to the first rubble. Then, interact on the rubble to find the parts.

Head to the second marker and do the same. Then, go back to the Tallneck and repair it to make it work. Now climb or fly to the top of it to override it.

Tallneck – The Stand of the Sentinels

Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations

The next Tallneck is located in the treetop village area called The Stand of the Sentinels. Fly to the top of the Tallneck or climb it to override the creature. You need to eliminate the machines in the area before climbing to the top of it.

Tallneck – The Stillsands

This Tallneck is located at the bottom of the map and to the right of the previous Tallneck. Use the same method you used to get to the previous Tallnecks and land on top of it to override it.

Tallneck – Salt Bite

Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations

The last Tallneck is located inside the Cauldron: IOTA. Next, you need to find an entrance to the cauldron at the top side of the map.

Head to the marked location and go inside the entrance. Keep going straight until you reach the end of the area. At the end will be a giant Tallneck that you can override by simply climbing on top of it.