Horizon Forbidden West Shining Example Walkthrough

"Shining Example" is one of the last few errand quests that you will pick up in the late game of...

“Shining Example” is one of the last few errand quests that you will pick up in the late game of Horizon Forbidden West. Errands are just like side quests but you need to find them by interacting at camps and settlements.

In Shining Example, Aloy will hear a rumor about a Tenakth soldier who has been searching for her. He has information about some loot that he wants to pass on which will make this errand a fairly profitable experience.

The following walkthrough will help you complete Shining Example in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Shining Example

In addition to being around level 32, you will have to complete Wings of the Ten which is one of the main storyline quests.

Once you have met those requirements, you will hear a rumor from Rukka at the base which will begin the errand quest. Make your way to Arrowhand and speak with Marallo, the Tenakth soldier, who has been looking for you.

How To Complete Shining Example

It turns out that Marallo wanted to speak with Aloy to thank her for saving him and his partner in a prior skirmish. He will tell Aloy about a cache of Greenshine somewhere at the top of the southern mountains of Arrowhand.

There lies a Rebel Base and some machines between you and the mountains. You will naturally need to clear out the rebels and machines. If you have the Sunwing mount, however, you can simply fly straight to the wreckage for the Horus Energy Cell instead of fighting the rebels. This is purely optional.

Keep that energy cell with you as you make your way to the top of the mountain from Devil’s Grasp. When you reach your destination, you will spot a few machines. Drop that energy cells on them and then take out the ones that survive. The energy cell will make quick work of them and save you from a gruesome fight.

You will then have to also deal with an Apex Dreadwing. Remember that it is highly weak against Plasma damage. You should also refrain from using any Fire, Frost, or Purgewater damage because they will do next to no damage to an Apex Dreadwing. Target its Glowblast and Acid Canisters to do massive damage and then pummel it down to size.

Once the Apex Dreadwing is down, head for the Greenshine cache in the cave. The entrance is however blocked by a Metal Flower. Since this is the late game, you will have the Vine Cutter. Use the tool to remove the Metal Flower vines and loot the cache which contains a Greenshine Fragment and a Greenshine Slab.

Shining Example Errand Quest Rewards

You will get 6,500 XP and 1x Skill Point as rewards for completing the errand quest.

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