Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins: Runner’s Wild Guide

In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we'll dive into all the instructions and tricks to solve the Runner's Wild Ruins puzzle quickly.

There are relic ruins in Horizon Forbidden West, which invite Aloy to puzzle her way into acquiring items like Ornaments, supply caches, and XP. Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins Puzzle is a multi-layered environment. You will need to stack crates to solve this multi-layered puzzle. In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we’ll dive into all the step-by-step instructions and tricks to solve the Runner’s Wild Ruins puzzle quickly and efficiently.

Where To Find Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins

Runner’s Wild Relic Ruin is located between two areas. To be precise, head to the western side of Sheerside Climb and the northern side of Salt Bite. You’ll find Runner’s Wild Relic right between these two areas.

How to Complete Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West

In order to complete the Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins Puzzle in Horizon Forbidden West, players need to find an Ornament by putting crates on top of each other.

Do note that this puzzle utilizes some of Aloy’s tools that get unlocked a little further into the game, so don’t try to attempt this until you’ve completed the Death’s Door mission.

Where to Find Altar Room Key

As soon you arrive in the Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins, head north from the structure and approach the site with a blue metal grate on the wall. Pull the grate out, go to the tower, and climb the wall near it. While climbing, the moment you notice a structure appearing below, drop to it.

Once you’re there, you’ll see another metal grate that needs to be pulled out using a Pullcaster, whereas Firegleam crystal can be destroyed using Igniter. Now pass through the hole behind Firegleam crystal, and you’ll see a crate on the platform towards the left. Drag that crate towards the three holes you just created.

Now in the room towards the north, there will be a yellow light that players can use to navigate towards the roof where there’s another crate.

Push that crate down towards the courtyard and then push another crate down to it. Now take the stack to the room with Firegleam crystals inside. Use the crates to climb up and reach the yellow light and the Altar Room Key.

Get the Ornament

Once the key is acquired, open the door towards the north of the tall tower. Here you’ll find yourself with another wall with a grate that can be pulled and wall can be destroyed. Push the crate stacks in towards the wall near the structure and then go inside and pull the top crate using the tools.

Now use that crate and push it through the unlocked key door. Use it to climb the west wall towards the tall tower and get inside. Once you’re there, you’ll find the ornament towards the upper middle part of the room that you can pick up to end the puzzle!

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