How to Complete Property Retrieval Contract in Horizon Forbidden West

Property Retrieval is one of the side missions where we are on a quest to recover some lost items for Handa such as treasure maps. This guide will tell you how to complete the Property Retrieval Contract in Horizon Forbidden West by outlining the locations of Handa’s Relics.

How to Complete Property Retrieval Contract in Horizon Forbidden West

You must move towards the northwest lake which is located right behind the settlement Salt Bite. You can use the fast travel if it is unlocked.

The first task here is to talk rogue salvagers who are assumed to be present at the site.

When you reach the destination place, you will notice that the site is empty and there is no one present there to interact. Here, you must use your focus in order to reveal the footsteps and following them will lead them to some bodies.

Now, you must loot them and upon looting them, we will find Carja Scroll. This scroll will lead to a position on the map right next to the Relic Ruin which will be our next destination.

How to Reach the Roof of the Ruin

Upon reaching, you have to reach the roof of the ruin. Here, the player has two options.

The first one is to use the ability to fly as this way it is much easier to move on top of the roof. However, if you haven’t unlocked this ability yet, then there is no need to worry.

You must look for a water tower around the place which will be on the eastward side.

Using this, you can climb to the tower and then from there, you can slowly glide all the way down to land previously on the roof. Now simply open the cache to find what you were looking for in the first place.

After doing all the mentioned guidance, you have to return to Handa and return all that belongs to her. As soon as you turn it in, the contract will be complete. After completing the task, you will receive 3750 worth of XP, an Apex Rollerback Heart and 50 metal shards.

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