Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires Guide

In this guide, we will discuss everything related to how you can solve the Isle of Spires Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West.

The eighth relic ruin in Horizon Forbidden West is located on the Isle of Spires. In order to gain access to it, you must wait for the Main Quest to ask you to go there. In this guide, we will discuss everything related to how you can solve the Isle of Spires Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West

Relic Ruins are optional locations that will take you to ancient buildings with fun environmental activities that you can do to obtain the final reward which is a special ornament that is different for every ruin. Each ruin is designed in a way that there are several puzzles that you will need to solve in order to obtain keys for the final puzzle that will reward you with an ornament.

Where to Find Isle of Spires Relic Ruin

In Horizon Forbidden West, players must complete the ruins, which can be done by finding a key and visiting two sites in the building that will help you find the passcode for the final door where you’ll find the ornament.

Aloy will visit the Isle of Spires during the main storyline of the game. These ruins are located at the central bay of the island towards the south of Widemaw Site.

The Isle of Spires consists of a few puzzles in Horizon Forbidden West, which will help you gain access to the key and the passcode required for the door.

This Ruin rewards the player with 5000 XP, the eighth ornament named the Golden Toucans, and two skill points.

How to Complete Isle Of Spires Relic Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West

Your first objective is to find the Ruins themselves. Visit the Campfire at the North-East corner of these ruins. Now once you move towards the Northern edge of the building, you’ll find some spaces which can be used to enter the Ruins.

This is not the ground floor of the building, though it seems like it. This is the 6th floor of the building. Now head towards the water’s edge and take a right to find the Firegleam. Set this off to open an alternate way into the building.

Just where you entered the Ruins from, swim to your South through the water and out of the ruins.

Once you’re inside the Ruins, you’ll find a locked door. This door has a Key Module and a Datapoint. You’ll find out that you need three things at this point. These things consist of a Key Module to enter the passcode screen. The first four digits of this passcode can be found on the seventh floor, while the last three will be found on the 9th floor.

Where to Find The Key Module for Isle of Spires Ruins

This module is located in the lower region, and you must use a yellow ladder to access it. In order to find it, Swim afar from the locked door and make a U-Turn to your right to get to an alleyway that goes out of the ruins.

Look towards your right, and you will find a yellow ladder that is required to get to the Key Module. This will be out of your reach, so you must shoot it and bring it down. Alloy won’t be able to do so while in the water, so find a good spot to shoot your shot at it.

Dive deeper to find a locked door and you will eventually come across a door that is not locked. This will enter you into a new room, and you’ll find a spot that will help you get to the other side.

Once you’re on the other side, move to your right up to a surface in a room shaped like U. Head up from here to get to the dry region, and set off the Firegleam here to open a short path to get to the outside of the ruins.

While you’re here, you’ll also come across a crate floating on the water. Use the Pullcaster to pull it out and drag it to the other side of the U, and set it into water.

Now swim across to the farther end of the pool, and you’ll find a Metal Flower. Use Pullcaster to move the Crate to your side. Get on top of the Crate and then turn right.

You’ll find a ladder going through the Crate. Use your bow to shoot on the ladder and bring it down. Now in order to return to the Ruins, destroy the Metal Flower you came across earlier.

Now go back to the ladder, use this ladder to climb up, and then jump off to reach the ledge where the Key Module is located. Now that you have the key module, it is time to find the Isle of Spires code in HFW to complete the ruins.

Last three Digits of the Door code

You’ll find the path to these last three digits outside the ruins. If you’ve gotten to the Key Module, you can easily exit the building by using the water path and then make a U-Turn towards the left direction.

You’ll find two handhold paths that will lead you to the same place at the end of the LED Screen. You’ll find an elevator at the corner of the building; use this to get to the Crate from the Key Module puzzle.

The elevator needs power in order to become operational. If you explore the rooms you’ll find an empty Energy Cell, a Charge Socket, and an empty hallway at the backside.

Putting the Energy Cell into the Charge Socket won’t be helpful as it will lose its charge before you can put it into the power slot of the elevator.

The easy solution for this is to get to the back hallway and locate the vent panel that you can bring down to your level using a Pullcaster. Now climb up to get to the ducts, which will lead you into the room with the Charge Socket.

Blow down the wall using the Firegleam and then retrieve the Energy Cell. Slot this cell into the charge socket. Now put it into the square energy cell socket, which should power up the elevator.

Take this elevator to get back to the U-shaped room from the Key Module puzzle. Pull the Crate out of the water using your Pullcaster, push it inside the elevator, and then get back to the top.

Now you must drag this Crate to the bottom of the collapsed ledge. Climb up to your right and then jump across the doorway of the nearby building. Now on the opposite side, drop down to the bottom floor and then climb to the rubble in front of you.

You’ll find a Datapoint on the table, which will tell you that the passcode for this locked door is 10 followed by the floor number you’re on. You’re on the 9th floor, so the passcode is 109.

Now use this to exit the room via the locked door and now you’re good to go. Once you exit the room, you’ll find a ledge to your left. Use your Pullcaster on it and make it fall to the floor below. Drop down and then grab it.

Get the First Part of The Door Code

Back in ruins, from the main pool, you’ll find a thin column covered with moss. You can use the handholds here to climb to the top and then use a Grapple Point to zip and reach the top floor of the building.

This is where you’ll find the Ancient Supply Box. Use the second grapple point to get to the higher floor from where you can walk out on a yellow pipe.

Now to your opposite side, you’ll find another grapple point on a ledge. Fire the Pullcaster and jump out. To your right, you’ll find doors, head left, and at the far end of the room, you’ll find an Ancient Valuable Chest.

Now from here, you can head left and then turn left again into the ruined room. Jump on the pipe and use the Pullcaster to drop the Crate off the ledge down to the pool.

Jump down and then swim up to the ramp to enter a new room. At the backside of this room, you’ll find a vent panel on the ceiling. Use your Pullcaster again. To climb the panel, you must use the Crate that you brought down earlier.

After going through the vent, climb up the ledge to find a kitchen area and check the countertop for another Datapoint that will reveal the code’s first four digits. These digits are 2109, use this code to open the door, and once again, you’re good to go.

Isle of Spires Relic Ruin Door Code

Now that you have everything you need to jump back down to the main pool of water and return to the locked door.

Use the key module and enter the final passcode which is 2109109. Head through this door once it’s unlocked, and you can finally collect the Isle of Spires ornament.

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