Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Theta Walkthrough

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West brings a lot of new machines and with it a brand-new cauldron,...

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West brings a lot of new machines and with it a brand-new cauldron, Theta. To override these new machines, you need to conquer this new dungeon, Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Theta, located in the Eastern region of the Burning Shores.

While being optional in the game, Cauldrons give Aloy the ability to override certain machines to help aid her in her journey. Cauldron acts as mini dungeons with a linear path leading to a major boss fight at the end. Controlling the cauldron and removing its corruption allows Aloy to override these machines. Some of these machines can be used as a mount and some aid Aloy during the battle.

How to Reach Cauldron Theta Entrance

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Cauldron Theta location

To reach Cauldron Theta, use Waterwing to reach there safely. It has two entrances marked on the map. One to the North of a tunnel and one to the South. Go near the North entrance and drop down the ledges. This area is marked by a lava stream coming down from a mountain.

At the end of the lava stream, there is an opening to a tunnel. Aloy will announce a new cauldron as soon as you can see the main entrance. Use your glider to traverse this area safely without encountering lava. Travel through the tunnel to reach Cauldron Theta’s main room.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Theta Walkthrough

Glide down from the tunnel entrance to reach the cauldron door. Override it using your spear and enter the next room. To reach the next platform in the second room, use your glider and water geysers to gain altitude and land on it. This may take a few tries but can be done easily.

How to open the first door of Cauldron Theta

The next room is a big hall and Aloy will comment on its condition due to all the damage done by the lava. Fight your way through a horde of enemies. This is a particularly tough fight as it involves two Apex Leaplashers.

To reach the next platform, look up and find a claw transporting a freeze canister. Hit it with your arrow to drop it into the solid lava bed on the floor. The canister will break on contact and release a massive geyser as a result. Ride this geyser pressure using your glider to reach the next platform.

You will be greeted by an Apex Watcher so take it down. Override the network uplink on this platform to create a bridge. Drag the crate from the opposite side of the platform and take it across the bridge. Beware of another Apex watcher shooting fireballs at you. As soon as you place the crate in the middle of the platform, another horde of enemies will attack you.

This horde contains the same enemies as the first one. Take them down and shoot another freeze canister to create another geyser. Use your glider to reach the next door with the help of the geyser.

Override the next network uplink to create another bridge. Drag the crate to the platform using the bridge. Take it up the ramp and place it near the ledge. Shoot another freeze canister to create another geyser. Glide to the next platform containing another Apex Watcher.

Take down the Watcher and unlock the next bridge by overriding the third network uplink. Once again, drag the crate to the next platform via the bridge. Place it on a switch to open the door to the next room of HFW Burning Shores Theta Cauldron.

How to get past the shield in Cauldron Theta

Keep going straight until you reach a pillar you can traverse to climb down. Climb the lift and it will start moving on its own. This area is full of lava and dropping down is not an option. Aloy will make remarks about moving the lift. You can change its direction by shifting the weight. To avoid obstacles to the right, simply move to the left of the moving lift and it will steer in that direction.

Soon the lift will be blocked by a shield in front of a door. Look to your left and climb the ledges to reach the top. Keep climbing and you will see a moving platform. Use it to get to the next part.

Once again, use a freeze canister to reach the top. Turn around and use your Pullcaster to reach the next ledge containing the next door. Override the cauldron door to get access to the next area.

The next area contains a lot of mechanical eggs that will hatch to produce more enemies. The best strategy is to destroy as many eggs as possible before moving forward. The next door to the cauldron is at the end of this area. Override it with your spear to gain access to the next room.

Keep dropping down in this room until you reach the bottom. Override the network uplink there and this will bring the shield down. Go inside the room with lava and ride the elevator again. Glide through the door to reach the heart of the cauldron containing the core.

How to kill Apex Bilegut in Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Theta

horizon forbidden west apex bilegut

As soon as you try to override the Cauldron Theta core, you will be attacked by a machine that looks like a massive frog. This is the Apex Bilegut appointed to protect the Cauldron’s heart.

Apex Bilegut is an extremely formidable foe with massive HP and powerful attacks. It will throw bile acid attacks in the form of contact bombs toward Aloy. Encountering them will slow Aloy down allowing Apex Bilegut to pounce and attack her. It will also charge attack after making a certain noise. This attack does a lot of fire damage so beware.

Scan Apex Bilegut to locate its weak points. The best strategy is to use ice arrows to build frost damage. Start tearing the weak points with Pierce arrows as soon as the Apex Bilegut is frostbitten. It will inflict a lot of damage on the boss.

After losing a particular amount of health, apex Bilegut will start using an additional attack where it tries to suck Aloy in its mouth. Keep your distance from it during the attack animation.

With its HP down to 25%, Apex Bilegut will go into a frenzy mode and start using its tongue as a whip. It will blow fire from his legs and create a massive explosion during the pounce attack. Keep your distance and chip away at its health while recovering your own.

Cauldron Theta overrides and rewards

Killing the Apex Bilegut will net you 6000 exp points. Major loots from Apex Bilegut include “Weave – Elite Machines Override”, Apex Bilegut Heart and Weave – Frost Defense 9%.

Overriding the Cauldron Theta Core will unlock the Bilegut override. This marks the completion of the Cauldron Theta in HFW. Ride the lift to exit the cauldron. Finishing the Cauldron Theta quest will reward you with 12500 exp and 3 skill points.

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