How To Get Waterwing Underwater Mount In Horizon Forbidden West

Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West finally adds the Waterwing mount that can not only fly but also swim underwater...

In the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC, you will get to encounter multiple new machines including a new mount, the Waterwing. As the name suggests, Horizon Forbidden West Waterwing mount can swim underwater and fly. This way, you can explore the areas that were hard to get to.

With this guide, you will get the location of the Horizon Forbidden West underwater flying mount and its uses.

Where to find Waterwing in Horizon Forbidden West

The underwater mount Waterwing in HFW Burning Shores DLC are easier to locate. On the map, you will find various sites of different machines. Looking closely, you will find some Waterwing mount sites. One of them is shown on the map below.

After traveling to the location, don’t let it see you. Quietly approach the Waterwing and override it. After you have overridden it, you can easily mount it. 

Don’t worry about unlocking the override for Waterwing mount; it will be unlocked automatically as you progress through the story of Burning Shores DLC.

How to use the underwater mount

The Waterwing in Horizon Forbidden West is a very functional machine in the game because of its ability to swim underwater and fly in the sky. You can find some areas that are hard to go to on foot. It is where an underwater flying mount is handy. While riding it, you can explore the volcanic archipelago and underwater areas. 

Apart from having the dual ability to fly and swim underwater, it is a reliable machine when getting ambushed by foes. Having a solid body, it can deflect most of the enemy’s attacks. 

In addition, Waterwing can shoot projectiles at enemies that can seriously damage them, and with its wings, it can generate a shockwave that can knockdown enemies. 

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